SFN 2014 Is Over

November 20, 2014

I woke up two hours early today with brain obsessing over our next research priorities, thanks to the meeting. Working as intended then.

For some reason I didn’t get around to visiting a single exhibitor other than NIH. First time for everything, right?

It is really great to see so many of the online people I’ve met through blogging and to see them succeeding with their science and careers.

The postdocs who have left our department in recent years for faculty jobs are kicking all kinds of science booty and that is nice to see.

Talk to Program, talk to Program, talk to Program…….

Catching up with the science homie(s) that you’ve known since postdoc or grad school is good for the soul. Dedicate one night for that.

Don’t bad talk anyone in the hearing of relative strangers…..really, you can’t know who likes and respects who and science is very small. I know 30,000 attendees makes you think it is large but….it isn’t.

Gossip about who is looking to find a new job….see above.

I ran into the AE who decided not to bother finding reviewers for our paper whilst at SfN and heroically, HEROICALLY people, managed not to demand immediate action.

A little bummed I missed the Backyard Brains folks this year…anybody see what shenanigans they are up to now?

You know when you go over to meet and butter up some PI, trainees? Don’t worry, it’s awkward from our end too.

3 Responses to “SFN 2014 Is Over”

  1. odyssey Says:

    Your restraint with the AE is admirable.

    You might regret it later.


  2. drugmonkey Says:

    I also managed not to demand that the SRO file my summary statement when I saw him.


  3. bsci Says:

    Backyard brains had a lot of stuff for EMG so that kids could play with the systems without hunting down roaches. They also had software to control objects based on the EMG (i.e. move a finger and a robot finger moves). It all looked good, but the prices are still a bit high for causal purchases and probably high for most classrooms.


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