Query for Readers: Are Blogrolls Over?

October 21, 2014

What do you think? Do you ever click on the blogroll anymore? Is this useful to any of you?

18 Responses to “Query for Readers: Are Blogrolls Over?”

  1. Anka Says:

    I have found useful/interesting blogs through other people’s blogrolls. But I actually can’t even find your blogroll on the page, so nope, not useful.


  2. anon Says:



  3. Heck, are blogs themselves over? I’m glad you still post things; I just don’t get Twitter (and I’ve tried several times to get into it).


  4. dr24hours Says:

    I have a soft spot for yours, because that’s what brought me into the community.


  5. drugmonkey Says:

    Anka- we changed servers recently and I’m reconfiguring the blog. haven’t bothered to put any sort of blog roll up and was wondering if anyone would miss it.

    JB- I don’t think blogs are “over” in the least and I think Twitter serves a much different purpose. They can interact but they do very different things well.


  6. Josh VW Says:

    I found your blog from FSP’s blogroll (and often start my “what’s new today” reading from looking at her blogroll since it gives “Last updated X hours/days ago” info). I could set up my RSS reader to give me updates (as I do for literature) but I don’t want to be tempted to read non-lit when I’m reading lit.


  7. rs Says:

    I have never used your bloggroll to reach to other blogs (maybe our interests in reading are not aligned), but I regularly use other blogrolls (Academic Jungle, FSP and some others) to reach to specific blogs I want to read. It gives me an update of which blog has new contents.


  8. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    Blogrolls have been dead for years.


  9. mytchondria Says:

    I fuckken hate the number of relevant blogs I miss. Blog rolls are meh. Need a better solution. Get on that, Ted.


  10. drugmonkey Says:

    I miss your blog


  11. Jonathan Says:

    What is this, 2004? Shit, even RSS is dead now.


  12. Ola Says:

    I only use blog rolls to keep my browser bookmarks list short. If there a family of blogs on one server, I’ll bookmark one, then use it to navigate to the others. In the case of scientopia you are my portal, for FTBs it’s PZ Myers (sorry PhysioProffe), for Gawker et al. it’s Jalopnik. Same thing for families of journals. Why bookmark all the blog family members when one will do? My bookmark list gets edited when it gets longer than 20 or so entries.

    So yeah, please keep the link to your brethren over there on the right.


  13. “Shit, even RSS is dead now.”

    This is completely untrue, and RSS aggregators like Feedly are doing very well. While it is a niche market, it is a very stable and vibrant one for people who don’t want to rely on the anarchy of Twitter and Facebook linking to identify the content they are interested in.


  14. drugmonkey Says:

    Shame about Western Union telegrams, right PP?


  15. anonymous postdoc (shrewshrew) Says:

    Nah, I gotta go with PP here. Not only do I use RSS to keep up with the blogges, I use RSS for all my pubmed searches and send them to Feedly. It works for keeping up on a daily basis with the large amount of The Literature on some subjects, and with the dribs and drabs every month or three on other fairly specific searches. Then I spend my commute swiping through them on my phone and quickly bookmarking the abstracts I want more of to download at lab. It also makes them searchable.

    The problem with bloggerolles is that people go dormant, which is natural and I got no issue with that. I just wish there were some way of having a blogroll with that person’s most recent post title and date…if only…there must be a way…


  16. drugmonkey Says:

    that is the one and only advantage to blarghspot/blargher based blogs. the updating blogroll kicks butt.


  17. Dr Becca Says:

    After google reader died, I stopped caring about actively seeking new blog posts. I now exclusively use twitter for links to what I read – I figure eventually I’ll see what I would have wanted to see, and if I don’t, I’m none the wiser so I don’t know what I’m missing anyway.


  18. drugmonkey Says:

    One day PP will see the light and get on Twitter…..


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