NCI backs away from the R37 MERIT extension

February 13, 2014

Existing commitments will be honored but NOT-CA-14-023 makes it clear:

Effective immediately, no new nominations for NCI MERIT (R37) awards will be made.  In addition, NCI MERIT (R37) extensions will not be considered.

As a reminder, competing continuation R01s that score very well can be nominated for R37 which means that you get 10 years of non-competing instead of the usual limit to 5. That last bit in the quote refers to the fact that apparently these things can be extended even past the first 10 years.


A search on RePORTER shows that the NCI has about* 43 of these on the books at the moment.


*I didn’t screen for supplements or other dual entries.

6 Responses to “NCI backs away from the R37 MERIT extension”

  1. Oh, my. I can’t believe that we’re back here, where it all began. I must admit to having a tear in my eye when coming back to this WordPress site. Next thing you know, PhysioProf will be guest posting.


  2. DrugMonkey Says:

    He did have a return visit a few weeks ago, as it happens.


  3. boehninglab Says:

    R37 extensions can go on ad infinitum with a greatly abbreviated renewal progress report


  4. drugmonkey Says:

    The ones I am most familiar with seem to be for 10 years but I was aware they could go on. Perhaps certain ICs mean them to be essentially forever? and others only intend them as a one-time prize?


  5. boehninglab Says:

    I think it is an IC decision. I personally know of 20+ year R37s. NCI is doing a good thing here.


  6. drugmonkey Says:

    Probably worth pointing out here that when I suggest *expansion* of the R37 program I am thinking 10 years maximum.


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