UCLA scientists have been under attack for over a decade

February 3, 2014

A new post at Speaking for Research details the history:

Back in 2003, Neurobiology Professors John and Madeleine Schlag saw their property vandalized at a home demonstration. “The way it proceeded … we felt that the door was going to be kicked in,” they commented in an interview.

In 2006, Professor Lynn Fairbanks was targeted with an incendiary device. It turned out animal extremists got the wrong address and planted the firebomb at the doorstep of an elderly neighbor.

In June 2007 another firebomb was placed under the vehicle of Professor Arthur Rosenbaum, who dedicated his life to pediatric ophthalmology by helping children with strabismus. His wife later received a threatening note which told her to persuade her husband to stop his research or “…we will do exactly what he does to monkeys to you.”

In 2007, Professor Edythe London finds her home flooded by animal rights extremists, and received the threat, “water was our second choice, fire was our first.”  She decided to reply by explaining, in a thoughtful OpEd in the LA Times, the reasons for her work.

In 2008, the UCLA community saw once again an incendiary device char the front door of a home owned by a Professor, the vandalism of three vehicles parked outside the home of a postdoctoral student, and the firebombing of a university commuter van.

Then, in 2009, the car of Professor David Jentsch, parked in his driveway, is set on fire while he was sleeping at home.  He subsequently received a letter containing razor blades and a threatening note that fantasized about sneaking up behind him and cutting his throat

The harassment of UCLA scientists in their homes has continued on a monthly basis every since. This year, the scientists have decided to organize counter protests.

The next counterdemonstration will be February 15, 2014. If you are local these scientists would appreciate your support.


Please join us to defend UCLA, our science, and the hope for medical advances and new cures.

When: February 15, 10:15am sharp!
Where: NE Corner of Westwood and LeConte

Join us to end the decade-long age of terror at UCLA!

7 Responses to “UCLA scientists have been under attack for over a decade”

  1. The people that show up to protest against research on campuses and in our neighborhoods call themselves activists, but they are not.

    Instead, the people that act to achieve real change, real progress and real advancements are the scientists that inhabit the laboratories of Universities around the world.

    We are the real activists striving to make the world a better place. We need to commit ourselves to continuing to make scientific progress despite the screams, threats and mayhem coming from those opposed to it.

    To do that, we need as many in the scientific community as possible to participate. We welcome all of you to join us.


  2. Juniper Says:

    Unfortunately, all the links lead to the Microsoft Outlook web app.


  3. Sorry Juniper. That was our fault when we posted the blog. A version with correct links to the stories behind the series of events is here (http://unlikelyactivist.com/2014/02/03/join-pro-test-for-science-to-end-the-age-of-terror/)


  4. drugmonkey Says:

    thanks for noticing Juniper. I grabbed the updated bit of text. should work okay now….


  5. Juniper Says:

    Thank you! And best of luck, Dr. Jentsch. I am truly sorry you are being terrorized; it is horrifying. May you have a good turnout, and may you and your family stay safe.


  6. bad wolf Says:

    Ironically no danger or threats to a professor still awaiting trial for killing his technician by negligence. Of course, she was human.


  7. ibarr Says:

    When: February 15, 10:15am sharp!
    Where: NE Corner of Westwood and LeConte

    Interestingly, this is the very same corner where the Animal Rights extremists like to protest. Time to take it back. The theater of the anti-Research protest is very similar to that of an anti-abortion protest: huge, crude signs with the usual pictures of carnage. They seemed to have no arguments to make, only wanting to fill the researchers with fear and the general public with disgust at the horrors of modern research. Some would ask grad students if they were involved in animal research. I told them I only worked with bacteria – which is true, though I wouldn’t blame anyone for lying, given what the consequences might be.
    The administration would often send out warnings to the members of the school of medicine whenever a major anti-Research protest was planned, and buildings, especially ones housing animals, were subject to higher security. Certain PIs seem to have borne the brunt of the abuse, but a small amount trickled down to the postdocs, technicians and grad students as well – even ones is completely unrelated fields. The actions of these extremists have hurt innocent people and brought a sense of unease to the campus community, so I’m glad UCLA ProTest has been willing to organize these counter-demonstrations.


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