Up all night…

November 5, 2013

via the UCSD Neuroscience Graduate Students

8 Responses to “Up all night…”

  1. jipkin Says:

    yeah go classmates! Especially all the 1-4 years that actually put all of this together. I regret not being a part of it! Sadly I think I was in lab getting data while they filmed…


  2. drugmonkey Says:

    I was in lab getting data while they filmed

    That is hilarious.


  3. and who said Millennials don’t know how to work?


  4. DJMH Says:

    Did we just get K3rned by the entire UCSD neuro graduate program????


  5. DrugMonkey Says:

    Pretty much.


  6. bashir Says:

    not bad.


  7. Dr Becca Says:

    I like it, but nothing will ever be as much fun to say as “Poster Face.”


  8. […] Via the Drug Monkey Blog with a h/t to Janet D. Stemwedel, I just found my way to […]


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