NOT-OD-14-003 has hit the streets and it gives us the replacement submission deadlines.

New R01s are due November 12

New R21s are due November 18

If you already submitted a grant for these October deadlines there will be an opportunity to pull it and replace it under the new deadlines.


November grant application due dates will not change (with the exception of the Loan Repayment program deadline listed above).

There is also comment on the rescheduling of the study section meetings.

Applications that were reviewed before the shutdown will go to January council as originally planned. Review meetings for most small business, AIDS and fellowship applications will continue as planned and those applications will be considered at January councils as well.
Many review meetings for research grants (R01, R03, R21, R15, etc) and career development applications that were missed or will be missed due to the shutdown will be rescheduled for February/March and these applications will be reassigned to the May council round.

Damn. That sucks for those of us who had grants in.

As I hypothesized, there will be a slight benefit extended.

Applications will proceed to the February/March 2014 review without any action from the applicant. However, NIH is giving applicants the option of withdrawing and submitting a refreshed application. If you choose to replace your application, follow the steps below carefully:

Withdraw the existing application by November 8.
Submit the application to the original funding opportunity announcement (FOA), if possible. If that FOA has closed, submit to the appropriate parent announcement. If there is no parent announcement for that activity code, send an e-mail to with the previous FOA number and we will work with you to get the application submitted.
Submit a cover letter with the refreshed application. Indicate that you are refreshing your application for the new council round, include the previous application number, and provide the previous study section assignment.
Make the application a “new” or “resubmission” to match the withdrawn application.
All replacement applications are due by November 20. No late applications will be allowed for this special due date.
Only applicants who are rescheduled for May 2014 Council round may submit at the November 20th deadline. Any other applications to this deadline will be returned without review.

So if you have new preliminary data and can put something together by November 20th……

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