Personalized genomics of affirmative action

August 21, 2013

In the 23andOneQuarterMe era of percentiled ancestry, affirmative action policies should score on number of generations in Appalachia, percent of recent ancestors who never left the holla’, percent African ancestry, Neandertal and what not.


4 Responses to “Personalized genomics of affirmative action”

  1. poke Says:

    Not to mention percent Sasquatch, since we have that genome now.


  2. Lee Says:

    I’m half ‘squatch and half appalachian that makes me 100% eastern Kentuckian.


  3. Former technician Says:

    My father’s family is from a 500 person town who found brides in the neighboring 500 person town. Do you think that 23andme could find out that our family tree looks like the celtic tree of life where the roots and branches intertwine?


  4. DJMH Says:

    I declare as 60% fruit fly. INVERTEBRATE PRIDE!!


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