Some days, this is just about all you have to cling to

July 5, 2013

“The proposal is extremely well-written and clear.”

13 Responses to “Some days, this is just about all you have to cling to”

  1. Dave Says:

    Two from my recent efforts:

    The research plan is very well-written and easy to follow, driven by a clear hypothesis, and with specific aims that are attainable within the five years of support requested

    The applicant poses an important biological question in [insert subfield] research, has appropriate hypotheses, and more importantly, the technology and collaborators to test his hypotheses. This is clearly a well-written proposal.

    Means F-all to me when it doesn’t get funded and they just read like stock statements to me anyway.


  2. drugmonkey Says:

    I’m going to cling to my “extremely”, you buzz kill.


  3. Beaker Says:

    I’ve gotten this comment on every grant proposal I’ve ever written (except for the ones where I ran out of time and pushed it through in the last hours). Dave is right: totally irrelevant to funding prognosis. They’re throwing you a bone.


  4. drugmonkey Says:

    What? Do you want to get banned, killjoy??!!!????


  5. Joe Says:

    When you’ve read eight muddled proposals, and you’ve had a hard time writing the reviews because you just couldn’t figure out what they wanted to do or why they would want to do that, it is so nice to read a clearly written, well-explained application.
    I will admit, however, that I gave a 5 to one of the most clear applications I have ever read, because the research was of little significance.


  6. drugmonkey Says:

    because the research was of little significance.

    Watch it muppethugger……


  7. Zuska Says:

    Ignore the killjoys…don’t stop believin’…hold on to that reviewer comment feeling…


  8. GAATTC Says:

    I would like to know why NIH sends notifications that summary statements are posted on a Sat night when I’m on vacation. Since I know the application was not scored, I have no desire to let those comments put me in an ugly place. So why do I want to look at the comments? Must resist inflicting pain on myself. Fight the urge…


  9. Dave Says:

    ^You neeeeeeed the comments GAATTC. You cannot resist….evaaaaaaar.


  10. Dave Says:

    Extremely >>>>> very


  11. drugmonkey Says:

    Extremely >>>>> very

    damn straight!


  12. GAATTC Says:

    Dave — Get behind thee Satan.

    I’m resisting so far, but am aware that part of my brain is being occupied by the thoughts of looking at those wonderful high numbers and, just maybe, something that will help when I repackage this application as a new submission.


  13. Eli Rabett Says:

    Dear NIH Program Manager

    This review is as the peace of God, beyond understanding. Please hire better panels.



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