One more week to finish out the DonorsChoose year with matching funds!

June 3, 2013

A big thanks to all of you who have donated to DonorsChoose in recent days. As a reminder, DonorsChoose has come up with a $25,000 matching fund to double the donations of all of you who read the Scientopia blogs!

This promotion will expires at midnight Hawaii time Friday, June 7 (6am eastern June 8) and is good for up to $100 per donor for a total of $25,000 in matching funds. This is a great time to pat a teacher on the back after a long school year and let them know that people out there value their work and value their students as much as they do. Not to mention get them all set to hit the ground running in the Fall.

So click on over to the Scientopia blogs’ DonorsChoose Giving page and see if there is any project that catches your eye. If not, just use the project browser on the sidebar to find a classroom or project that gains your sympathy. There is no need to stick to the giving page suggestions. Maybe you have a certain topic that is dear to your heart? Perhaps there is a geographical location that you want to support in some way? Browse around, there are many very needy projects.

Then, when you are in the payment checkout page, enter SCIENTOPIA in the “match or gift code” field. See here for screenshot.

I urge you, even if you can’t donate at the moment, to post a link on your Tweeterers, Facebooks and what not. I find my friends and family who have never heard of DonorsChoose before to be grateful to be made aware of this place for their charitable giving.

3 Responses to “One more week to finish out the DonorsChoose year with matching funds!”

  1. Former technician Says:

    I supported the school where the children of my neighborhood attend. My husband and I do not have children. The nearby elementary school is considered high poverty and I chose to support a request for basic supplies (binders, binder dividers, etc). Thank you to the Scientopia blogs for matching my gift and helping this class get basic supplies.


  2. drugmonkey Says:

    And thank you for your community mindedness!


  3. Former technician Says:

    I am thrilled to say that another donor and their matching firm completed the funding for the class I supported. Thanks to the matching funds from Scientopia and Chase, it only took two donors to get this class fully funded. Thanks again for telling us about the matching funds!


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