Finish out the school year for a needy classroom with a DonorsChoose matched donation

May 23, 2013

Many of you responded enthusiastically to the DonorsChoose science bloggers drives that we’ve been running in the fall, just after the start of the school year. For those who donated, my thanks and respect.

Now DonorsChoose has come up with a $25,000 matching fund for you, Dear Readers, all of you who read the Scientopia blogs!

So click on over to the end of the year Scientopia blogs’ DonorsChoose Giving page and see if there is any project that catches your eye.

If not, just use the project browser on the sidebar to find a classroom or project that gains your sympathy. There is no need to stick to the giving page suggestions. Maybe you have a certain topic that is dear to your heart? Perhaps there is a geographical location that you want to support in some way? Browse around, there are many very needy projects.

Then, when you are in the payment checkout page, enter SCIENTOPIA in the “match or gift code” field. See here for screenshot. This promotion will be valid now through June 7 (it expires at midnight Hawaii time Friday, June 7; 6am eastern June 8) and is good for up to $100 per donor for a total of $25,000 in matching funds.

2 Responses to “Finish out the school year for a needy classroom with a DonorsChoose matched donation”

  1. Lenea Says:

    I have a DonorsChoose project that could use some help! It only needs $158 more to fund a GrowLab garden for my classroom – along with a plant press and bookmark making kit (to use the pressed plants). Thank you for considering my project! Thank you for helping classrooms!!!


  2. Ms. Onorati Says:

    I am a first grade teacher who works at a school with over 80% free and reduced lunch. My students come to me with limited expriences. Donors Choose has been a blessing to me for the past year and 1/2. This year my students were able to make slime because of wonderful people like you. I have enclosed two projects. One is for my classroom asking for a Kindle Fire to help encourge children to read and the other is from my sisters classroom (a junior high science teacher). I hope that you will support any project from


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