Stay in touch with your POs for weird mechanisms

May 9, 2013

If you pursue some of the less popular NIH grant mechanisms, for goodness sake keep in touch with the contact PO. Just heard tell of “Oh, we’re not going to be funding any of those in the near future”. No, there was no NOT issued to warn those who were preparing applications.

ICs can also decide this after you’ve already submitted your app and let me tell you that is maddening.

7 Responses to “Stay in touch with your POs for weird mechanisms”

  1. eeke Says:

    Is there any specific “weird” mechanism that you’re referring to? Some RFA that maybe nobody applied to? (although that would be hard to believe).


  2. Drugmonkey Says:



  3. Drugmonkey Says:

    And No to the RFA question


  4. Former technician Says:

    We had that happen to us last year. An IC listed as allowing R21s stated that they did not accept them after the grant was submitted. We were allowed to request a different IC, but it wasn’t funded possibly due to the fact that it was written for the first IC.


  5. kevin. Says:

    Seems like you could share the specific grant / mechanism you are vaguely warning people away from.


  6. drugmonkey Says:

    Yes, I could. But Ft brought up one I wasn’t thinking of so….


  7. eeke Says:

    The R21 mechanism referred to by Ft is NOT weird. Unless it’s for some obscure RFA.


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