Now you, too, can have five Cell papers a year!

April 30, 2013

Just keep your postdocs supplied with DeerAntlerSpray.

14 Responses to “Now you, too, can have five Cell papers a year!”

  1. Cashmoney Says:

    Before Deer Antler Spray, my postdoc never cracked a short list. Now, the ILAF bidding is up to a $3M startup package. Thanks to Deer Antler Spray!


  2. Stopped reading when I got to “cleansing”.


  3. Potnia Theron Says:

    Let me quote from Wikipedia (

    “Antlers are considered one of the most exaggerated cases of male secondary sexual traits in the animal kingdom,[7] and grow faster than any other mammal bone.[8] ”

    I know the BSD’s think so, but when did getting a boner get you a publication?


  4. bashir Says:

    That website is amazing:

    Interviewer: Why would somebody take deer antler spray? Like what’s so good about it? Like what does it do for the body?

    Expert: Well, if you can imagine the earth a few thousand years ago and how the medical systems worked at that time, before left brain reasoning, before the modern scientific paradigm, people would learn from observing nature. That’s how they would determine what to use, what would be good for you.


  5. Grumble Says:

    Oh give me a home
    Where the BSDs rome
    Plying post-docs with deer antler spray
    And where seldom is heard
    Those Brain Research words
    And the NIH rains money all day.


  6. Cashmoney Says:

    Stopped reading to rush off and order some Spray, right Comradde?


  7. Dave Says:

    Nice Grumble. Looks like you have your alt-career figured out.


  8. Drugmonkey Says:

    I am amused by how this snake oiler site bashes those other competitor products for being fakes.


  9. Duffer Says:

    I guess we know how Tiger managed with all those women……


  10. Grumble Says:

    Hah, poetry as an alt-career. That’s just about the only career less remunerative yet more competitive than academic science. Especially for someone who can’t spell “roam”.


  11. Dave Says:

    I assumed the typo was an expression of your poetic freedom 😉


  12. Clueless postdoc Says:

    Exactly the thing missing from my daily diet..
    PS: I wonder if my PI would be willing to pay for this..


  13. Cashmoney Says:

    It would be worth every penny, Clueless. I barely have to lash any of my postdocs now that they are on DeerAntlerSpray.


  14. WS Says:

    Couldn’t bare to read too much, but why a spray? Are you supposed to spray it in your mouth? Why not a pill?


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