April 16, 2013

From Adweek:

Gil Zamora is an FBI-trained forensics artist with over 3,000 criminal sketches under his belt. Dove and Ogilvy Toronto hired him to interview and draw seven different women—two sketches of each. The first sketch was based on each woman’s personal description of herself. The second was based on a description provided by a stranger the woman had just met. Of course, the differences are vast.


Of course they are. This stuff has psychology graduate student work written all over it. Imagine the diversity of studies to be done! Me, I bet I’d describe myself in my 20s rather than the way I look now…

And just for @sheacshl and @rxnm_ this is the other way to say it…

9 Responses to “Self-perception”

  1. AcademicLurker Says:

    Even more interesting…have your commenters describe you based purely on what they’ve read here.

    I’m picturing CPP as some thing like this guy:


  2. drugmonkey Says:

    CPP actually looks pretty much like


  3. Tim Says:

    I’m suspicious that Dove instructed the artist to intentionally skew the stranger-described portraits toward “conventionally attractive” (and/or the self-described images away from it) in order to fit their ad narrative.

    Now I’m thinking about how to construct this “experiment” so that I’d find the results more convincing…


  4. DrugMonkey Says:

    See? I’m right. All kinds of fun blinding and control conditions to dream up, right?


  5. Grumble Says:

    “I bet I’d describe myself in my 20s rather than the way I look now…”

    Even though the present model is equipped with a BSD?


  6. DrugMonkey Says:

    G-rated, homes.


  7. michelle Says:



  8. Dave Says:

    CPP has a mono-brow?


  9. kant Says:

    CPP also appears to have lost his teeth. Pretty sure that’s the work of DM passing him all his preferred “candies”.


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