On scientific fraud

February 11, 2013

Did you ever notice how small time bank or convenience store thieves only get caught after about the tenth heist using the exact same disguise and MO?

Read ORI findings and retraction notices with this in mind.

[H/t: a couple of peeps who made me think of this recently. You know who you are. ]

7 Responses to “On scientific fraud”

  1. Really makes you wonder what the big-timers are doing, doesn’t it?


  2. Spiny Norman Says:

    Not fraud, exactly. But failed scientists fail to notice enormously important data on sepsis as important …and no one with a brain bigger than a mouse’s is surprised.


  3. drugmonkey Says:

    “Because the light is better down here”, the drunkard replied.


  4. Ola Says:

    The ones you should read “with this in mind”, are correction notices. You know, the ones that say “during electronic preparation of the figures we inadvertently pasted in the wrong image, conclusions not affected, blah blah”.

    As has been iterated elsewhere, even if someone is able to correct instead of retract, that’s not necessarily a good thing! Multiple corrections on a PI’s record is a strong indicator of sloppy book-keeping, and while it’s clearly not as bad as all-out misconduct, these are not the kinds of people we should be throwing money at. In the case of serial corrections, one really has to begin questioning the environment in the PI’s lab that is so permissive of such mistakes.


  5. Spiny Norman Says:

    The labs in my field that I worry about do not publish corrections, because they are inerrant. Just ask the PIs.



    Will this two faced, lying, bottom of the gene pool, cheating narcissist, be able to keep his PhD?

    Will Case Western allow their good name to be smeared with the now public knowledge of his cheating to get his PhD from them?

    Does he owe the taxpayers some money as his research was funded by them?

    Does his new career require any honesty or integrity, or is it buyer beware?


  7. DJMH Says:

    Donnie, bingo.

    What if the population we catch is just the dumber group?


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