Antivaccaloon learns lesson the hard-ish way; luckily kid survives

January 18, 2013

Via the New Zealand Herald:

A boy who almost died of tetanus before Christmas is home and on the mend, but his parents are desperate for others to vaccinate their children after they did not.

Auckland couple Ian and Linda Williams thought they had made an informed decision against immunising their three children because of concerns over adverse reactions.

But they regretted their decision when middle child Alijah contracted the potentially fatal disease just before Christmas, and was put in an induced coma on life support at Starship hospital.

They immediately immunised their other children and wrote to Alijah’s school to warn parents who had not vaccinated against the disease and others such as whooping cough.

“It was me that put my son in this situation,” Mr Williams said.

Yes, yes it was. Don’t let it be you who does the same, people. Vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate.

h/t: bengoldacre

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  1. Anon Says:

    Yikes, tetanus does not have a good survival rate!

    Just a shout out to you adults out there who haven’t had a vaccination lately – I came down with whooping cough last summer because it had been too long since my last DTaP. Luckily my kids were fully vaccinated and I don’t hang around babies too much. But it’s a good reminder that adults need regular vaccinations, too. If you’re old enough I’d suggest the shingles vaccine as well. I know several people who’ve had shingles in their 30’s, it’s not pretty, and it just gets worse the older you are. Why would you not protect yourself when it’s so easy!?!


  2. Hermitage Says:

    Yes, because immunization only becomes important after it’s YOUR spawn that almost dies. All the other kids hospitalized and dead because of idiots like them, irrelevant. However, I am glad their child survived and they learned from this experience.


  3. Irrelevent, but “Starship hospital”? WTF? Does Bones McCoy run it?


  4. Spiny Norman Says:

    Clostridial neurotoxins are bad, m’kay?


  5. Iron Chemist Says:

    Possible rash/fever or possible death. Guess which one I’m going with.


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