January 15, 2013

Of all superpowers to have, I’d pick “kill at a thought”. No question.


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  1. Oh, come on. General mind control for the win. You could use it to make people kill themselves if you wanted (and replicate your kill at a thought), but it would also have so many less violent but helpful uses as well.


  2. dr24hours Says:

    I have always said that if I had superpowers, I would use them neither for good nor evil, but always for chicanery.


  3. DrugMonkey Says:

    Is that anything like “hilariousity”? I can get behind that.


  4. Dr24hours Says:

    Yes, but it’s a real word.


  5. odyssey Says:

    The ability to have all my proposals funded on first submission. Of course that wouldn’t protect me from DM when he starts wondering where all the money went…


  6. odyssey Says:

    Real words are overrated.


  7. drugmonkey Says:

    The counter, or perhaps the expanded version of the power, would be manipulation of the internal milieu…from the molecular up to the systemic. It’d be like being the ultimate physician.


  8. drugmonkey Says:

    real words are for the unimaginative


  9. Arthur Hunt Says:

    Inception? Reverse Inception? Inverse Inception?


  10. scicurious Says:

    Kill at a thought would be difficult. You’d have to work very hard to control your thoughts and not give in to annoyance…


  11. Neuro-conservative Says:

    That’s really disturbing, DM.


  12. drugmonkey Says:

    Well, as our resident right winger I can see where this idea would make you nervous, N-c.


  13. zb Says:

    What a useless superpower. My goal, really, is to go through my life without killing anyone, so the superpower of killing with thought would be at best useless and at worst devastating (to me, since I’d have to hide away to avoid killing anyone). Having a bad day DM?


  14. I thought of a good comment, but now I can’t remember it.


  15. Dr24hours Says:

    Needing fake words because you’re too lazy to learn the appropriate real ones is.. Oh who am I kidding. I have no desire to start anything.


  16. leigh Says:

    extinguish thoughts (of anyone) before they happen.



  17. anonymous postdoc Says:

    Look at all of us squabbling over how best we would control our internal and social environments.

    I would choose flight, duh, because ugh I still haven’t figured out how I am getting to this Keystone meeting I am going to. Also the ability to write “Applicant requests no funds to support travel to meetings as applicant is capable of unsupported flight.”


  18. fusilier Says:

    There doesn’t seem to be an XKCD for this.


    James 2:24


  19. proflikesubstance Says:

    Dude, half the drivers in my state would be dead if I had that super power. But the lack of traffic….


  20. drugmonkey Says:

    So you agree?


  21. becca Says:

    Just straight up teleportation. Screw all you peons and your trafficks and airports!


  22. idlemind Says:

    Well, if you can teleport other people, you’re set. Our host can just send ’em into the nearest volcano.


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