How are you enjoying Scientopia blogs?

January 9, 2013

It’s been awhile that we’ve been rolling as a blog collective and I am curious what you think. If you are a reader of any of these blogs that predates the collective, have you missed a beat? Are there things that you dislike (or like better) about your favorite blogs?

For everyone, what do you like and dislike about Scientopia? What would you see as a way to improve?

Open thread, so go nuts.

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  1. eeke Says:

    Scientopia is enjoyable, but there seems to be dead wood among the bloggers. For those who have retired from blogging, is there any way to archive them to distinguish from active blogs?


  2. AcademicLurker Says:

    Doesn’t have quite the cross blog interactions that the old ScienceBlogs did, but still quite enjoyable.

    Of course, I mainly come here to read DrugMonkey imply that people who publish in glamourmagz are trend chasing fraudsters and then read PhysioProff retort that folks publishing in society journals are irrelevant plodders who might as well not be doing science at all.

    As long as those conversations occur regularly, I’ll keep coming back.


  3. Travis Says:

    Been reading from the start, been reading you and Sci since the Sb days. Now I just go to the main page and read pretty much whoever has posted most recently. I definitely visit this network more than any other at the moment.

    I come here mainly for the talk about grants, how to get a get a job (Doc Becca’s TT aggregator has been very useful of late), issues related to being a prof, etc. Since I’m based in Canada I still have absolutely no idea what an R01 is, but the general discussion of grantsmithing is still relevant and very useful.


  4. bam294 Says:

    I love me some Scientopia blogs. There are some ‘searchability’ features that would make my hapless efforts to re-find posts easier, but this is far and away the best group of young and young at heart bloggers I’ve come across in science. I’m a particular fan of folks like Doc Becca organizing peeps into Tweetups and wish more bloggers might take similar initiatives.

    I guess if I were going to do more with the blog (I mean, you guys do get paid a shit ton of money to write this, yes?) KIDDING! I think a phone in round table on topics that keep coming up again and again (start ups, reading between the lines of reviews, STDs we have contracted) might be fun. Especially if it had a drinking component where we could do shots when PhysioProf swore or something. Just a thought. Keeps up the good work!


  5. […] (other than my spelling)? Is our site doing a decent job of keeping you interested? Drugmonkey has an open thread on the topic and it would be great if you could let us know how you feel the site is doing, either there or […]


  6. sam Says:

    I’ve been following Scientopia off and on since inception. Love this place! It’s a great way to get snapshots of what the upper-levels of academia are like, and I feel pretty confident that the science presented has been vetted for accuracy and plausibility and whatnot (unlike, say, media releases).

    I’m a lurker who hasn’t commented much, but reading responses to questions in the comments makes me feel like ya’ll care about what you’re doing, and care about wanting to make information accessible.

    Bloggers here do a great job of making science accessible, understandable, and interesting. Kudos!


  7. Jen Says:

    I just started my postdoc last fall, and I really enjoy reading Scientopia. Definitely useful information with a healthy dose of humor.


  8. It’d be nice to be able to subscribe to comments… with an opt-out mechanism for when a thread goes crazy after your own comment!


  9. I drop by the front page fairly often. There are a couple of blogs here I follow regularly, and a few others I wish would update more often. More cross-blog chatter or a cross-blog event would be great.


  10. a doctor Says:

    I enjoy scienctopia, I stop by multiple times a week. My one complaint– I wish under the “select a blog” button there was some way to note when the individuals blogs were last updated. It would also be helpful if the blogs that were no longer active were indicated.


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