GrantRant III

January 4, 2013

Yes, I realize that this is a competing continuation and that you have many published papers. But you use the figures, published or not, to help tell the story of your proposal.

Wall to wall text is still a huge Grant FAIL.

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  1. miles Says:

    In that context: How do you all currently handle R01 renewals yourself? With the initial administrative cuts, subsequent annual cuts, and limitations for the budget of year 6 based on the amount awarded in year 5, I have a hard time seeing enough money in year 10 to actually do science. Is it just me?


  2. Drugmonkey Says:

    I put in the budget I need and figure if it gets a good score Program may or may not cut me back based on their policies. study section isn’t supposed to discuss the budget so it shouldn’t come up in review that you are violating the IC’s policy. (not all of them have the same dealio on renewal budgets, btw)


  3. potnia Says:

    wall to wall, right justified, small font, figure captions and labels in 7 or 9pt. No one is going to read it.


  4. potnia Says:

    also: how long to make significance section and innovation section? How much 12 pages goes to prelim results? Are prelim results interculated (is that word?) into the design, or in a standalone section?


  5. DrugMonkey Says:

    The restructured app has led to me putting preliminary data in all sections after the Aims page. It makes the most sense to me this way.


  6. joatmon Says:

    potnia,I am drafting an application with 1.5 page significance and 1/3 of a page on innovation. Although, I don’t really understand the innovation section. If something is really innovative, should it automatically become significant?

    Arial looks extremely monotonic and I wouldn’t want to read the main text even at font 11. Georgia at 11 point on the other hand is very easy to read. Font 9 is Arial still pretty legible as legend but the figures should be self-explanatory.


  7. joatmon Says:

    Quick question — should the progress report go before or after the significance/innovation section?


  8. Comradde PhyioProffe Says:

    Georgia 11 pt is worth at least a few percentile points.


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