The conversation is not about whether or not the guy is a sexist; it is about what he said

October 19, 2012


that is really what I find so distasteful of this whole affair. The witch-hunt being carried out by some of these commentators reeks of McCarthyism like persecution to seek out “impure thoughts” and destroy those who may harbor them. There is ZERO EVIDENCE that DM is actually sexist, other than an idiotic comment he placed on facebook.

There is no better way to address this than with illdoctrine

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  1. PinkGlitteryBrain Says:

    Is it wrong that I’m not upset Dario’s post got out into the world? So often individuals harbor thoughts that are discriminatory towards others, without knowing that they are, in fact, discriminatory. These types of events shed light on the bullshit.


  2. drugmonkey Says:

    No, why would it be wrong?


  3. Janet D. Stemwedel Says:

    Best Jay Smooth video ever (which is the opposite of damning-with-faint-praise because Jay Smooth is consistently awesome).

    And also, precisely why I said I don’t give a damn what’s in someone’s heart if their behaviors are harmful.


  4. becca Says:

    Strictly speaking, there’s good evidence that a pattern of excessively stereotyped and unproductive gender bias underlies a lot of his work. Maybe not beyond the norm for his field, but still.
    So this isn’t a good guy who made one mistake. This is a guy entrenched in the patriarchy and being enriched by perpetuating it. Which, in fairness, makes him different from everyone else not in the slightest… it’s just really obvious in his case how he’s benefiting from going off half-cocked about gender.

    In other words, short of MRA crazytolls, who may not even really believe what they are saying, his writings are as sexist as I’ve seen in a while. But then, I’ve been intentionally avoiding the skeptic blogosophere for a while now, because it got infested with too many whackaloons.


  5. Spiny Norman Says:

    SF’s comment, quoted above, also shows us something else. It shows us that SF is a Yahoo who’s willing to throw around the word “McCarthyism” despite not knowing jack shit about Senator Joe McCarthy.


  6. physioprof Says:

    It is mind-boggling that there is even a question in anyone’s mind whether what this douchebagge posted on his faceshitte page is grossly misogynistic.


  7. miko Says:

    Ha. Maestripieri is Evo-Psych, so I pretty much by definition don’t give a shit what he thinks. He seems like kind of a silly peacock man-child, but that’s not really any concern of mine. But when he issues blanket gendered insults, yes, that’s everyone’s business.

    And “witch hunt” is a pretty fucking ironic and hilarious comparison, considering what THOSE were about. It’s hard to see what an online chorus of “get a load of this enormous and ridiculous douchenozzle” really has in common with a violent religious pogrom targeted at women.

    I love it when men want to own sexism… it’s only sexism if that’s the intent, it results in immediate material cost to an identified victim, and it’s done by a man who we then label “a sexist” to distinguish him from all the other, non-sexist guys. I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure the conversation about how sexism, racism or any kind of discrimination do most of their work — through institutions and other power structures, cultural norms, involving the actions of people of all races and genders — moved on so many years ago that you would have to actively not care about this shit at all to be so ignorant.


  8. becca Says:

    miko- actually, given Julia Gillard’s speech, I’m inclined to think those men want us to believe it’s only sexism when it’s exercised by one’s political enemies. Which really illustrates how deranged the whole topic has gotten.


  9. Eli Rabett Says:

    Has anyone ever sexed a Drug Monkey, or do you need Korean specialists?


  10. bacillus Says:

    Remember “The Specials-Racist Friend” ?


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