September 28, 2012

It is possible that I am even more motivated to write that grant, finish up that paper or take an experimental run at a project when the competition is someone who is personally a jerk.

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  1. NatC Says:



  2. a Says:

    So does it mean that the one thing NIH could do to improve overall scientific productivity is to fund a bunch of jerks? 😉


  3. a: they probably already do.


  4. drugmonkey Says:

    Apparently so a


  5. Eli Rabett Says:

    You compete with CPP?


  6. drugmonkey Says:

    Hahah. No.


  7. drugmonkey Says:

    When I say “jerk”, I mean like real sketchy stuff. Not just a random personal dislike.


  8. anon Says:

    This is helpful. I’m trying to very slightly ‘displace’* (in research space) a PI whose work I reviewed for a great journal as a grad student. I found an interesting conceptual problem with his analysis, one that he later incorporated into his job talk for a tenured position. When I met him in person, he was unbelievably patronizing… and I would have eaten it up had I not realized that I was (in a small way) actually in this guy’s league. I worry what kind of impact he has on other trainees.

    This PI doesn’t sound as skeevy as yours, but it will help me write today.


  9. anon Says:

    *The point isn’t to do redundant work, of course, just carve a niche in the area.


  10. Spiny Norman Says:



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