September 28, 2012

It is possible that I am even more motivated to write that grant, finish up that paper or take an experimental run at a project when the competition is someone who is personally a jerk.


September 28, 2012

I recently completed a streak of 32 days in which I got my behind out for a run of at least 1 mi per day.

This followed another streak earlier in the year in which I made it 24 days.

The earlier one, in particular, was sustained through a social media reinforcement meme (#RWRunStreak).

Sustained behavioral change is quite a hurdle for health care, particularly when it comes to exercising regularly, changing food intake and reducing the use of psychoactive substances.

There is a grant application or three in here somewhere.

Analysis II

September 28, 2012

…those who take the listed-second, alleged co-equal contribution author slot are like abused children or battered spouses with Stockholm Syndrome.

It is going to require professional help to bring them back to reality.