Romney is making a lot of sense here, maybe I should reconsider…

August 28, 2012

This is great stuff Romney wrote!

“Dogmatic ideological parties tend to splinter the political and social fabric of a nation, lead to governmental crises and deadlocks, and stymie the compromises so often necessary to preserve freedom and achieve progress,”

Wait. What’s that? Written by Senator George Romney? Mitt’s dad?

Written in response to Barry Goldwater in the wake of his failed Presidential bid which he based on some pretty divisive, nasty, right wing splitting kind of stuff?

oh, nevermind. The lesson didn’t stick with Mitt apparently.

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  1. Dave Says:

    Romney = LOL!
    Ryan = LOL!


  2. Zuska Says:

    That would be LOL if it weren’t so tragic.


  3. Zuska Says:

    Maybe the lesson did stick with Mittens, just not in the way his father meant it to.


  4. Virgil Says:

    If you think Mitt is scary, wait ’til you hear his wife talk!
    She makes Ann Coulter look sound reasonable.


  5. Virgil Says:

    And why haven’t we heard from DM yet on the new PNAS “weed lowers IQ” study from New Zealand?


  6. Isabel Says:

    Yes lets discuss it!* More importantly, I’m looking forward to discussing the much ballyhooed “Third Way”. I’ve had a good look at the action items and it turns out to be a total scam. Just more of the same: a long list of increased police powers & more intrusion into civilians lives. That’s it! This on top of an official admission that cannabis is not as harmful as alcohol! The “new” agenda also does not offer any suggestion of what will happen to arrested pot users who are not deemed to be abusers who need treatment. Yep, the new “prison is not the answer” science-based approach completely overlooks this crucial detail.

    * note that they found no effect in those who started using at 18 or later, and no one suggests that minors should be allowed or encouraged to use the drug; but whether it holds up or not we know it will be used as ammunition by the insane prohibitionists.


  7. DrugMonkey Says:


    Because….Isabel. Obviously.


  8. Driver Says:

    Maybe you should tell us again about how safe the pot smoking drivers are Isabel?


  9. Isabel Says:

    What are you saying, Driver? That you support prohibition of cannabis and celebration of alcohol use like Drugmonkey does? Even though DM, like the Czar Himself, admits that alcohol is more dangerous?

    Gee, one allegedly “high on cannabis” incident and you want to haul all users before a judge and deny them housing and student loans. Or maybe you are just dying to inspect their bodily fluids…sickos.

    This is what I’m talking about people!

    According to the ONDCP blog “The rate of overall drug use in the United States has plunged by roughly 30% since 1979” – wtf? This can’t be true. Can someone explain this to me? As usual no citation was offered.


  10. Isabel Says:

    Is it possible that they are so ignorant that they are not counting alcohol as a drug??


  11. Driver Says:

    I think you would like Romney, Isabel. Mormons know alcohol is a dangerous drug and severely control use of it. You have to be a member of a “private club” to get a drink at a bar in Utah. Or you used to have to, anyway. Back when I was driving through that wasteland regularly.


  12. Isabel Says:

    “I think you would like Romney, Isabel. ”

    How does this follow from what I just posted? Are you high? Or just not very intelligent?

    Romney and Ryan are sick fuckers, and so is Czar Gil. It’s the same thing- a weird, unjustified compulsion to control other peoples’ bodies.


  13. And to think that crazy old coot released over 10 years of tax returns when he was running for president.


  14. Isabel Says:

    “I think you would like Romney, Isabel. Mormons know alcohol is a dangerous drug and severely control use of it. You have to be a member of a “private club” to get a drink at a bar in Utah”

    Actually you should be saying this to DrugMonkey and The Czar Dude, not me. They both admit that alcohol is more harmful. The only reason it is allowed, according to them, is that it was grandfathered in. In other words, if it was up to them it would be banned also.

    Thou shalt not get high!


  15. Isabel Says:

    “And why haven’t we heard from DM yet on the new PNAS “weed lowers IQ” study from New Zealand?”

    Interesting commentary from the director of NORML.


  16. Driver Says:

    Way to move the goalposts Idabel! I guess we’re making progress even with the pot fans…which is kind of the point of doing research. To get a-scientific nimrods like “NORML” to move ever closer to a reasonable, fact-based position.

    But don’t pretend for a second that you were for “reasonable” regulation re minors. Heck, you haven’t moved on stoner drivers yet. But as the evidence accumulates eventually you will claim “Of *course* nobody is arguing people can drive stoned! Where are the people arguing for that?”. Just like you are now for restricting adolescent access.

    So let’s put you on record Isabel- do you support 21 yrs of age as the pot smoking age of legal use?


  17. Isabel Says:

    Driver you are a raging freak. I never even heard of you until a week agao, and you feel confident to judge me and claim to be an expert on my beliefs? Go to hell you anti-science, anti-human, prohibitionist, bitter, vengeful nerd. Stop spreading lies about me like DM does.

    For the record (this is to anyone else reading this) I have always been against young people using all drugs (and repeat after me, alcohol is a drug and remember that when you are all getting high on ethanol at your next anti-drug conference). No one has ever suggested it should be available to minors. It has always been obvious to normal, intelligent people that legalisation will make it less available to them. However, I will not be surprised if they experiment- this is normal.

    And NORML hasn’t changed their views in decades. Really, some people are scary in their freaky isolation from the real world.


  18. Isabel Says:

    DM thinks alcohol is magic. Yes, he does. “Drugs” are bad, they should not be legalized; the solution to the drug war is treatment, not jail. Not legalization, just treatment. There are only two choices when dealing with drugs: jail or treatment. Whether it’s a health problem or a law enforcement problem, drugs are always a problem. At the same time, alcohol is consumed at by the *same people* at conferences and celebrated on the academic/science blogs (gets you through grading, manuscript writing, dealing with offspring, fun to share cocktail recipes and kid fellow bloggers about their favorites drinks etc). See, alcohol is not really a drug. It is a traditional substance that has been part of human cultures for a long time. So when we talk about bad drugs we mean all the other drugs, not alcohol. In other words, alcohol is magical!

    Czar Gil couldn’t have been more wrong when he claimed alcohol is exceptional as far as cultural use. Cannabis has been used for hundreds, in some cases thousands of years, in Asia (both China and India), Africa, eastern Europe and elsewhere by a hefty percentage of humanity. The UN estimated 200,000,000 users world-wide in 1951. So your one reason for giving alcohol an exception is simply based on ignorance.

    DM, I hope you and your colleagues have the integrity to take an honest look at the situation. It can’t be healthy to put your faith in a “czar”, right? That’s just common sense. Driver presages my probably justified fear, that eventually some dude will take up my views and everyone will agree with relief, and agree that Isabel was way off saying pot was totally harmless and that children (and everyone else) should smoke it every day. So many lies. When people say I am “pro-pot” instead of anti-prohibition it makes me so angry. It is like calling those for choice and medical privacy for women “pro-abortion”. But it’s not about me and my ego, is it?

    There are a lot of parallels between pot prohibition and reproductive control of women and homophobia if anyone cares to look. It’s scary. It’s especially scary that so few “progressives” are willing to tackle this subject. Why everyone goes along, like Good Germans, I will probably never understand. It’s easy to say, if you prefer alcohol anyway, “just say no”. But how easily would you give up alcohol and switch to cannabis? And if alcohol was still readily available, would you even bother, especially if you were a young person?

    Mindlessly repeating history because of ignorance is foolish and regretful, as we all agree. I highly recommend this book to all your readers (it’s where I got the UN statistic from btw):

    The paperback version is available cheap. NY Mayor LaGuardia’s Committee on Marihuana report is especially enlightening, having taken place while the original prohibition was being enacted and when “teapads” still existed in NYC. Naturally this report, which unsurprisingly concluded that prohibition was not warranted, was repressed for years. This compilation also details the racist, classist, and political motivations of the prohibition, all of which are still strong motivators today.


  19. Isabel Says:

    The LaGuardia Report is available online here along with most of the other major studies of the last 120 years:

    (but I still highly recommend the David Solomon book)


  20. Driver Says:

    So do you support a strict limit for pot at 21 years of age or not Idabel?


  21. Isabel Says:

    Confused about the “Third Way”? So is poor Czar Gil:

    Why do his eyebrows look like Hitler’s mustache? NOT a good look for a “czar”, especially one trying to appear progressive and promoting an imaginary Third Way.


  22. Isabel Says:

    ” This compilation also details the racist, classist, and political motivations of the prohibition, all of which are still strong motivators today.”

    By “political” I mean economic. As in being paid off by lobbyists.


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