Training on giving a scientific presentation

August 24, 2012

Watch this video. If you are anything like me, you have essentially zero understanding of what this guy is talking about. To start with. It very rapidly devolves into technical jargon and insider references to things that I don’t really understand.

But you know what?

After awhile you probably kinda-sorta pick up on what is going on and can kinda-sorta understand what he’s telling his audience. I think I am impressed at that part.

Watching this through also makes you realize that a computer-geek presentation really doesn’t differ much from the talks we give in our science subfields. And if you skip through to the Q&A about two-thirds through, you’ll see that this part is familiar too.

I think I may just make this a training video for my scientific trainees.

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  1. bob Says:

    It’s a fine talk I suppose, but I don’t see the training value of this talk in particular over many others online. Plus, it’s an hour! Couldn’t you find something a bit shorter to subject your trainees to?

    Ok, I admit. I just skimmed it. Did I mention it’s an hour long?


  2. kevin. Says:

    It teaches your students that it’s okay to bail on a talk after 5 minutes? It’s not horrible, but you owe me one half hour of metal.


  3. Spiny Norman Says:

    This is the most riveting technical presentation I’ve ever seen. Why? Because he has got the goods and they’re embedded in a hell of a narrative presented with total fluency. It goes for a full hour but is presented in 8 min. chunks.


  4. Spiny Norman Says:

    Note: the ephys people will love the talk I just linked. And it’s a hell of a lot better than any ephys talk I’ve ever seen.


  5. Eli Rabett Says:

    Who the fuck is this clown looking at? The Nobel Prize winner in the audience over to the left. And drone, and drone and drone.


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