What a fucking summer.

First the guy in Aurora, now some white supremacist shot a bunch of people in a Sikh temple in Milwaukee.

It is horrible. Tragic.

Each of these people killed had family or other loved ones. Friends. Coworkers. Teammates.

Each one of them will be missed. Each one of them was robbed of their right to have a life, unmolested.

So as you libbie-lefties are “renewing your calls to discuss gun control” ask yourselves this.

Was it any less tragic when some racist asshole ran over a guy with his pickemup truck? Or when that other racist asshole dragged a guy to his death behind, you guessed it, his pickemup truck?

And no, for the slower members of the audience I am not suggesting we renew our calls to ban the pickup truck.

I am suggesting that when you have a common root cause of hatred for those who are unlike oneself then perhaps you should focus on that. And renew your calls to deal severely with these hate groups.

Oh, wait….but that’s protected by an Amendment* to the Constitution of the US isn’t it?

No, not the Second. I’m making a point here.