Date these comments!

June 6, 2012

from a prestigious general science journal:

“Important elements in both Senate and the House are showing increasing dissatisfaction over Congress’s decade-long honeymoon with medical research….critics are dissatisfied…with the NIH’s procedures for supervising the use of money by its research grantees….NIH officials..argued, rather, that the most productive method in financing research is to pick good people with good projects and let them carry out their work without encumbering them…its growth has been phenomenal….[NIH director}: nor do we believe that most scientific groups in the country have an asking and a selling price for their product which is research activity…we get a realistic appraisal of what they need to do the job..the supervisory function properly belongs to the universities and other institutions where the research takes place….closing remarks of the report are:…Congress has been overzealous in appropriating money for health research”.

Okay, people, ballpark the date this was published!

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  1. Beaker Says:

    I’ d say around the time that the first international phone call was made via satellite. Just a wild Googley guess…


  2. drugmonkey Says:

    When you all find these, do read them. And tell me that past is not prologue….


  3. Beaker Says:

    Boy, honeymoon is right. Look at these increases in NIH funding:

    1960: $400 million
    1961: $783 million
    1962: $901 million

    From the article: “Since no one is for disease, and Congress is in favor of science but knows very little about it, the presumption has always been in favor of those who advocate for larger expenditures.”

    The main opponents to these increases were William Proxmire (of Golden Fleece Award fame) and Senator Prescott Bush.


  4. drugmonkey Says:

    You got it, D. S. Greenberg in 1962.


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