Shut. UP!!!!

June 1, 2012

Dude. I realize you are white and male and think you are quite a smart scientist. I realize you’ve been reinforced your whole entire life for spouting off on any and all subjects. But you are a fucking POSTDOC! Don’t you have some actual work to do?

You. Have. Been. Blathering. Along. The. Corridor. All. Fucking. Day!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!!!

Shut the fuck UP already.

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  1. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dude, don’t tell us. Go out into the motherfucken corridor and tell HIM.


  2. Dave Says:

    Exactly, just walk up to him and punch him in the face. I’m quite certain that’s acceptable “mentoring”.


  3. Grumble Says:

    Close the door?


  4. miko Says:

    Fuckin postdocs.

    Because white guy smugness is super charming and earned when it’s some tenured hack whose good idea was inspired by Steely Dan.


  5. Kierra Says:

    Our last exchange grad student is totally going to grow up to be that guy. Thankfully we got to send him back.


  6. Miles Says:

    I have given up on postdocs. No passion. But unionized. No thanks!


  7. Larry Moran Says:

    I remember when I was a postdoc. I was much smarter than all the PI’s.

    Then I got older and became a professor. All of a sudden I became dumber. What happened?


  8. Genomic Repairman Says:

    You should go out in the hall, raise your hand and say, “Hell yeah, you are totes right. Now my give me high five my honkey postdoc.”


  9. Kelli Says:

    I give up hiring white postdocs after my last one who had done the same thing


  10. miko Says:

    Yeah, srsly, WHERE’S THE PASSION?

    But without white guy postdocs, who would nod in agreement during seminars by famous old white guys to indicate the high level of mind-to-mind communication happening between them?

    And whose ass-smoochery would make the famous old white guy feel un-threatened after the seminar when all he can see around him are lady scientists and Asian scientists?


  11. Dave Says:

    “”Hell yeah, you are totes right. Now my give me high five my honkey postdoc.””



  12. Eli Rabett Says:

    Wer sonst?


  13. de angelis Says:

    Is your German rumbling having an affect on internet speed and videos shutting down?.
    Gee, i was hoping to have some fun with “sex, lies and videotapes” and so far… unsuccessful Sunday fun time. WTF!.


  14. profguy Says:

    Yeah, the white guy hate is tired. Post would have been funnier without it.


  15. Memory hole Says:

    C’mon… isn’t really the guy’s fault. I blame society


  16. J Says:

    Sad and very discrediting.


  17. Drugmonkey Says:

    What is?


  18. J Says:

    It was sad to hear a comment like that from you (drugmonkey). Everybody says things in frustration; so I understand thinking it. But, I now I know you thought it and I doubt your creditability on issues where your have a stated bias.


  19. Drugmonkey Says:

    “thought” what, pray tell?


  20. Namnezia Says:

    That’s why I do all my blathering on the internet.


  21. Klopenwurm Says:

    I’m a white (international) postdoc, and it is really sad to learn that you guys hate me so much =(


  22. drugmonkey Says:

    Why do you think I hate you? Are you rude and loud and constantly expounding?


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