Why did nobody tell me about this band?

May 11, 2012

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  1. Janet D. Stemwedel Says:

    Don’t you listen to NPR? They’ve been on Fresh Air, and Weekend Edition, and probably some other programs.

    And, they’re really good (so maybe we were saving them for ourselves …)


  2. Drugmonkey Says:

    NPR? That liberal propaganda machine?


  3. Neuro Polarbear Says:

    Oh North Carolina, you may be a homophobic pine forest, but how can I stay mad at you with music like this? Makes me miss WUNC. And Back Porch Music.


  4. Unless they use a different musical scale in South Carlinona, thatte fucken violin is hideously out of tune. And those people have no fucken rhythm at all.


  5. me Says:

    still dumbfounded that you haven’t heard of carolina chocolate drops with all the npr hype. have you heard of greensky bluegrass? they were on cnn! but seriously, have u heard of elephant revival? they’re a really good up n comer from outta colorado that r def worth checkin out (tho i personally live on the funk). here’s a video from a really beautiful place just north of gainsville (i highly recommend goin there if ur ever in need of a breath of fresh air):


  6. Grumble Says:

    Awww, fucke offe, CPP. That woman has TALENT. Especially with a fiddle (not a fucking VIOLIN. She isn’t playing Bach, you twit).

    ‘Zat how you review grants, too? The fucking drug doses are wrong so the grant should be torpedoed, never mind how beautiful it is otherwise?


  7. Kate Says:

    Their live shows are the bomb.


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