This I know: NIH Grants

May 11, 2012

Nobody really “knows what they are talking about” when it comes to #NIHGrants.

We all muddle along as best we can and persuade ourselves we have a partial clue.

That part is just to keep from going insane, though.

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  1. matt Says:

    Its like you are in my head.


  2. gerty-z Says:



  3. Grumble Says:

    I find it easier to keep my sanity intact if I instantly put down any thought that the system is the slightest bit rational. If 90% of your grants are going to get rejected, it’s nice to know it’s no more a reflection on your worth and value than if you lost the lottery 90% of the time.

    I’ve seen colleagues who have taken it personally sink into what looks to be clinical depression.


  4. BugDoc Says:

    I really liked having the illusion that you could explain all of the NIH’s dirty secrets….


  5. Speak for yourself, dumasse. I know exactly what I’m talking about when it comes to NIH grants, because of my extensive experience writing successful and unsuccessful grants, serving on numerous study sections, and exploiting my extended network of insiders in ICs (both program and council), CSR, and study sections.


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