As I previously noted (somewhat critically) that the NIAID had posted sample R01 grants and the corresponding summary statements. Well, they’ve added some R21 applications to the page.

Again, I wonder how useful this really is for most applicants. First thing you notice is that it takes a perfect score to get funded. Three of the four received 10s and the fourth limped home with an 11. Remember, the study section score range starts at 1, which is then multiplied by 10 after the voting of the entire panel is averaged.

Then there’s this (emphasis added):
From the Dow summary statement’s resume of discussion: “Strengths of the application include the accomplished investigator and research team, strong preliminary data, the direct doable and logical set of experiments, and the likelihood of paradigm shifting insights into meliodosis

From the resume on the Starnbach app: “Strengths of the application include the innovative use of the novel GPS strategy, compelling preliminary data, an investigator with a strong bacterial pathogenesis research track record, an excellent and appropriate set of collaborators, and a high degree of confidence that import results will emerge from these studies.

Weis, individual critique #2: “Strong and compelling preliminary data is presented that indicate a high likelihood of success

Well, at least NIAID is telling it like it is with these examples…..

Also, if you get the GWG against the defending Stanley Cup champions in OT of Game 7 in the playoffs…well, you sure as hell can play.

Keep it classy, Bruins fans, keep it classy.


April 26, 2012

The eternal conundrum of institutional IT decision making: that designed to make it “easy” for utter morons in the system invariably fucks up workflow beyond all recognition for those who have even the slightest familiarity with the system.

Corollary: the morons never use the system anyway.

Idiot runners

April 26, 2012


The notion that I have to be all #getoffylawn about the concept of fartlek pains me.

It is not intervals, you do not pluralize the word and you most certainly should not be throwing up at the end of the workout.