Elsevier claims publishers prevent….protect…wait, what now?

March 27, 2012

This is hilarious.

In addition, from an editorial perspective, copyright helps to prevent elements such as plagiarism, multiple submission and fraud in journal articles, and whilst is does not actually detect these elements, it acts as a protective measure to uphold the quality of journals.

What the hell did this say? They can’t detect shenanigans (score another to post-pub processes) but they…huh? What? Reluctantly post retractions? Send out a cease and desist letter from the same bunker that hit @FakeElsevier?

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  1. Janet D. Stemwedel Says:

    Yeah, I take it they’re alluding to possible legal judgments as disincentives to plagiarism, but it’s hard to imagine that this would have a bigger effect to dissuade bad behavior than would the prospect of being disbarred from federal funding (for example) for N years.


  2. drugmonkey Says:

    Ya gotta admit that whilst clause is funny though


  3. Janet D. Stemwedel Says:

    Clearly, signing over your copyright to Elsevier does nothing to protect one from Britishisms!


  4. Cashmoney Says:

    So…Elsevier is a novelty condom not intended to actually protect against STD or pregnancy…but they use high quality latex?


  5. Ditto Says:

    When my article was extensively plagarized and we contacted them, they had no interest in dealing with the issue.


  6. drugmonkey Says:

    Did they respond with a reason? Did their title contain the plagiarizing or the plagiarized work?


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