Rude Questions

February 6, 2012

I was trying to make a point on the Twittah to a couple of people who were asking someone about the latest grant score.

Would you rather be asked, in public, for your 1) age, 2) weight or 3) latest #NIHGrant score?

As usual, the more I think about my offhand question, the more curious I become. I know I had a post related to this in the past but there are new Readers and I can’t recall the exact focus of the last post.

So what has been your experience Dear Reader? As a noobacious Asst Prof were you made aware of scores and how many grants your Associate and Full Professor Departmentmates were putting in? How about your lateral peers? What about you more-senior types? Are grant scores to be freely discussed or are is it SimplyNotDone in polite society?