"Sure I read the paper, but I, ahh, can't remember all the details"

February 2, 2012

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  1. becca Says:

    This is dead on, except it needs more swearing and crying.


  2. Bashir Says:

    I misstated my year on more than one occasion. Once it’s more than 4 there’s kind of a probabilistic nature to it.


  3. Dr. Zeek Says:

    The repeated head-banging against the hood sash is how I felt every minute of everyday in grad school.


  4. Smoking Neuro Says:

    Spot on! Drugmonkey were did you find this? It should be a requirement for incoming grad students.


  5. Totally unrealistic: He never said, “Fucke this shitte. I’m gonna go to fucken law school and become a patent attorney.”


  6. drugmonkey Says:

    Patent attorney? Dear God no! Low blow.


  7. Yael Says:

    HAHAHAHA I totally marched into my advisor’s office and said that I was taking the LSAT and becoming a patent lawyer!!


  8. tideliar Says:

    Holy shit that is fucking bang on!!

    Hey, students – this is you HAHAHAHAAA

    …god I’m glad it was so long ago the memories are fading…


  9. O.R. Pagan Says:

    Pretty good, but I agree with Becca and Comrade, where’s the swearing? I did a lot of that, when I was doing my PhD, and it was usually in Spanish… (:-)….


  10. userj Says:


    Oh well at least I am scheduled to finish in one form or another in a few months. Hopefully I will be less formless than I fear haha…


  11. […] a similar but more long-winded vein there’s also this video (originally seen on Drug Monkey’s blog). I know I’ve said many of those clichés at least once, if not every day during my […]


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