Free iPad2!!!!!!

December 30, 2011

Have you ever won anything? Something substantial by any variety of opt-in “contest”? Lottery, raffle…online marketing scam scheme strategy?

Do you enter?

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  1. Dr Becca Says:

    At my very first SfN in 1999 I won a Palm Pilot in a raffle from some outreach website ( They made me put a giant styrofoam brain on my head for a photo op. It was all extremely hilarious, especially since web-connecting hand-held devices didn’t really exist yet, so all the PP was good for was playing games during class.


  2. BikeMonkey Says:

    I had a run of making out like a bandit at a post-MTB race raffle back in the day. some $100 brakesets, $50 handlebars, $500 frame were the biggest items to my recollection. Ticket came with the race fee though so it wasn’t really opt-in.


  3. drugmonkey Says:

    all the PP was good for was playing games during class.

    sounds like some other PP we know.


  4. AnyEdge Says:

    I just generally assumed that all those raffles are bogus. But my guess is that some of them have to be semi-legit. I did know a guy who won the Jeopardy teen tournament.


  5. alethea Says:

    My coworker won an Ipod shuffle at SfN 2009. Given how many Ipads the two of us entered drawings for at SfN 2010, you’d think one of us would have won something!


  6. Alex Says:

    I filled out a survey for a workshop that I absolutely hated and left scathing comments. However, you didn’t have to write positive comments to get into the drawing, you just had to write something. So, I got in the drawing, and won a $100 Best Buy gift card.


  7. PhysioWife and I have been going to the same french bistro around the corner for over fifteen years. When you pay your bill, they have a little comment card you fill out and that supposedly enters you in a raffle for a free dinner. Every time we go, one of us points out “Don’t forget to fill out the raffle card!”, and then we laugh uproariously for several minutes, because there is no raffle, and no one can win it.


  8. Joe Says:

    I won a Nissan Sentra from a half marathon I ran way back in grad school. All runners were entered in the drawing. It was the bottom of the line version, stick shift, and before air bags and other safety features made cars more expensive. I drove that thing for 300k miles before the electrical system gave out and I had to trade it in.


  9. Namnezia Says:

    I just got $25 Amazon gift card for filling one of those stupid biotech company product surveys. But my grandfather once won the lottery in Mexico in the 1950’s and paid for my mother’s wedding. Or so he said.


  10. Bashir Says:

    A college buddy did those marketing things. They aren’t scams per se, he did get lots of stuff, you just have to sign up for a bunch of crap and give tons of info. He had to be pretty diligent about canceling things before the trial period ended and the real price kicked in (that’s how they get you).


  11. I won concert tickets from one of those hyper-local blog/news sites once. Just for commenting on a blog post (no registration required).


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