More Slow Cooker Cookin'

December 17, 2011

Why whatever are we making today, folks?


Onion, garlic…could be anything….is that puréed tomatillo? Why yes it is….


Open the bag…ah, yes, the roasted chiles are ready for peeling…


…and chopping. Add garlic and cumin, plus some salt. (real salt, not that pretentious black salt crap favored by RisottoProffe)


Cubed pork? But of course…

Sauté the onions a bit, add the pork and brown with a couple of tablespoons of flour.

Put the pork in the slow cooker with the chiles, tomatillo, etc. Add 1 1/2 cups stock and set on Low for 5-6 hours.
Chop some cilantro, add in the last hour…reserve a bit for garnish…dollop of sour cream.

….and then, as the greatest of chefs recommend….


Eatte thatte shitte!!!!!