Aren't Christians supposed to be….christian?

November 30, 2011

from gawker:

At the June service, Ticha sang a hymn while Stella accompanied him on piano. This harmonious expression of devotion so disturbed the delicate racists of Pike County—the 98% white home of the infamous Hatfield-McCoy feud—that church leaders spent the next five months locked in debate. In November they took a vote and agreed to ban interracial couples from public worship.

I’m sure this is all the fault of snooty rich elite liberal New York Jewish Democrats though. You know, what with their sneering. And their Hollywood movies that offend RealAmerica.

Couldn’t possibly be the fact that these pseudo-Christian hate mongers are racist to the bone. Naaah. report says it’s only a 9 to 6 vote in favor of the ban…phew, just a dinky little church. No biggie. Must be an outlier. Right?

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  1. Alex Says:

    “Aren’t Christians supposed to be….christian?”

    I always point out to conservatives that Jesus was a hippie with long hair and sandals, that he went around preaching about peace and love and forgiving adulteresses and hanging out with prostitutes, and he even said that the rich would have a hard time getting into heaven.


  2. Verily, if Jesus were to show up at a public assembly today (especially one aimed at economic and/or social justice), odds are good he’d get pepper-sprayed.


  3. becca Says:

    Churches in general are remarkably segregated, it seems.

    But then, so are schools.


  4. Alex Says:

    Just pepper spray? We’re talking about a radical cleric from the West Bank, railing against the Israeli religious authorities. He’d probably get a Predator Drone.

    (Don’t worry, he’d be back in a few days.)


  5. thehermitage Says:

    I dunno, when I was Christian the rules were to not judge others and stfu because we are all failing the Jesus Olympics at all times. I don’t understand this whack job version of Christianity that selectively picks aspects of Old and New Testament God until they come up with this wrathful, judgmental asshole who conveniently ONLY hates people said Christians do not like.

    What happened to old-school ‘God loves you so much that you’re damn lucky that he’s only sending most of you to eternal damnation because the whole lot of you are a bunch of total fuckups’? At least it encouraged humility.


  6. chall Says:

    wow. hadn’t seen that one… it’s amazing what people do “in the name of [deity]”. Imagine if everyone was more concerned about their own behaviour rather than the skin colour of other people who want to worship with them.

    A little part of me wonders what they would’ve done if the couple was indeed married and not “only” engaged? i mean, since surely they [congregation] disapproves of divorce?


  7. Dr. O Says:

    I’d like to say it’s an outlier, and I have been a member of many churches where I can’t see this ever being an issue (you know, the ones that organize peace rallies versus taking up collections of pepper spray for the local po-po). But I’m hearing more and more absurd griping out of some of the most liberal protestant denominations. Liberal Christians like myself want to believe this type of divisiveness is only found in the sticks, but some of it resonates with a surprising number of folks in our own congregations, who otherwise seem quite reasonable. Something has obviously gone awry.


  8. BikeMonkey Says:

    Dr. O,

    To me it is baffling given the assertion of being Christian. The hate, bigotry, etc of any but extremely liberal congregations just doesn’t jibe with the New Testament. At all.


  9. Katharine Says:

    Argh don’t commit the No True Scotsman argument!

    I have to be honest, even liberal Christians annoy the fuck out of me; there was this group of mealy-mouthed shits going ‘derp we’ve been assholes we’re sorry, our jebus is better than we are’.

    I keep thinking ‘Duuuuuuude, do you have any idea why your assholery happened? BECAUSE OF YOUR BELIEFS. You’re the ones who trot out passages from your book of choice to justify your hate. And the liberal ones of you just serve as enablers for the conservative ones. Anyway, the people who actually perpetrate this bullshit aren’t the ones apologizing; you’re just presuming for them, and anyway, the big thing that makes you people do this stupid shit and what makes me really have a beef with you about all this is that your beliefs contradict what we actually know about the universe.’


  10. Grumble Says:

    Edmund Wilson quoted someone else (I forget whom) in one of his books, and the quote tells you all you need to know about religion. Roughly: In the last 100,000 years, humans have had 60,000 religions. They can’t all be right, therefore none of them are likely to be right.

    So, when stooopid bumfucks go around excommunicating those who dare to practice miscegenation in their midst, I don’t give a rat’s ass. Let them have whomever they want, and ban whomever they don’t want, in their silly cult.

    Maybe the banished couple will join the reality-based community by becoming atheists. Or at least agnostics.


  11. Liberal Christians like myself want to believe this type of divisiveness is only found in the sticks, but some of it resonates with a surprising number of folks in our own congregations, who otherwise seem quite reasonable. Something has obviously gone awry.

    Religion is one of the most horrible of human impulses, ranking up there in terms of causing pain, suffering, and death with murder, rape, child-abuse, and war.


  12. Katharine Says:

    Honestly, it boggles my mind why anyone could be so painfully unsure of their own judgment that they feel they need someone else to do it for them, often with disastrous results.


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