from gawker:

At the June service, Ticha sang a hymn while Stella accompanied him on piano. This harmonious expression of devotion so disturbed the delicate racists of Pike County—the 98% white home of the infamous Hatfield-McCoy feud—that church leaders spent the next five months locked in debate. In November they took a vote and agreed to ban interracial couples from public worship.

I’m sure this is all the fault of snooty rich elite liberal New York Jewish Democrats though. You know, what with their sneering. And their Hollywood movies that offend RealAmerica.

Couldn’t possibly be the fact that these pseudo-Christian hate mongers are racist to the bone. Naaah. report says it’s only a 9 to 6 vote in favor of the ban…phew, just a dinky little church. No biggie. Must be an outlier. Right?