Hur, Hur, Hur….good one Nature, good one.

Those women, they just aren’t like us real members of the academic world, right? Good thing they take care of our needs so we menfolk can do the hard thinking, eh?

What a load of adolescent bollocks. Imagine my surprise to find that it was Edited by our old buddy Henry Gee. You remember Hank.

Normally I’d advise ignoring this sort of intentionally offensive attempt to draw attention to a print magazine. After all, this is just what they do when they feel their circulation and readership are flagging. But, this is one of the more high profile academic publications. And unfortunately that means the promulgation of old sex-role tropes needs to be addressed.

You will find excellent commentary which will help you to catalog the many problems with Nature’s latest piddle on the carpet of Academia at the following links.
Paul Anderson
Anne Jefferson
Janet Stemwedel
Christie Wilcox


this comment nails it. especially with

Finally Mr Gee, since Nature seems not to be discriminating about what fiction it publishes, I have three stories of my own you might wish to consider publishing in future issues of Nature:

Gayspace (a hilarious tale of how gay people access parallel dimensions to look fabulous)
Blackspace (a hilarious tale of how black people access parallel dimensions to be fast sprinters)
Jewspace (a hilarious tale of how Jewish people access parallel dimensions to save money)

Or maybe you’d have the sense not to publish these. Because they are offensive, and based on stereotypes. And you’d be right.