The study section meetings are coming up soon!

Your last chance to update your grant with news of any papers that have been accepted since you submitted the application. Don’t forget to ask your collaborators.

That’s the only active step, really. Now it is on to the handwringing!

Re-read that proposal of yours? Aren’t all the flaws obvious!?!!!? Aiieee! Doomed!

Wait….damn that’s a fine scientific idea right there. If you do say so yourself. Maybe those fine folks on the panel will see it the same…..

Say. The final rosters go up 30 days prior to the meeting. So can’t wait for that bit of info. Which ad hoc reviewers were added? Who is newly appointed to a permanent term? Wonder which 6 yr termers will be attending this round and which not?

Aaaagh, your strategy of submitting a manuscript to a journal which just happens to have an Associate Editor who was supposed to be on the study section just fell flat!

Chew fingernails.