A refreshing change in MSM framing of the animals-in-research issue

June 15, 2011

The Seattle PI’s Big Blog (Covering Seattle news, weather, arts and conversation, along with a grab bag of stuff that’s just plain interesting) has an article up covering an animal rights extremist group’s billboard campaign in their fair city. What is interesting about this is the rather fair handed set of options they have chosen.

  • Eye opening. Glad they’re spreading the message.
  • Unfair and sensationalistic.
  • Disturbing, but it’s a message we all need to hear.
  • Just plain incorrect.
  • Boring. I wish [AR extremist group] would go back to naked demonstrations.

Naturally I encourage you to visit the poll and cast your vote.
My point about this being a refreshing change can be best understood by reading this post.

5 Responses to “A refreshing change in MSM framing of the animals-in-research issue”

  1. becca Says:

    I agree it’s a good range of options. But seriously, they should have stopped at two ‘I agree with the message’ and two ‘I disagree with the message’. The whole “who cares about the message, let’s see some MOAR BANGABLE HAWT CHICKS!!!” is pretty icky.


  2. Paul Says:

    Refreshing indeed, though it would have been much better if the article had input from the researchers whose work is being targeted…I don’t know if this is because the journalist did not seek their opinion or because the researchers didn’t give it, but in either case is far from satisfactory.
    As it happens Speaking of Research had a post on the importance of animal research on fear and post-traumatic stress disorder just yesterday http://speakingofresearch.com/2011/06/15/have-no-fear-mice-are-here/
    I agree with becca that the naked demonstrations question trivialises the issue when words such as “torture” and “murder” are being bandied about by the AR extremists. It’s often so easy to laugh at [AR extremist group] and forget what a sinister organization they really are.


  3. DrugMonkey Says:

    becca, I think your concern about the ick factor is most properly directed at the folks that brought that issue to the table in the first place, namely the AR extremist group in question.


  4. becca Says:

    When a group or organization I like has a sexist ad campaign (and this happens way more often than I would like), I don’t blame just them (though I will make my distaste known), I blame the patriarchy. It would be inconsistent to do otherwise in this case. Plus, the last thing the AR group needs is unthinking d00dly rah-rahing encouragement in their misogyny, which is exactly what the poll does.


  5. Paul Says:

    Yesterday there was an item on a local TV channel where students and scientists at UW responded to PeTA’s dishonest campaign http://www.q13fox.com/news/kcpq-peta-uw-researchers-spar-over-animal-research-20110615,0,5587794.story
    Good on them!


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