I wrote what???

June 5, 2011

After you submit a grant, how many days before you can bear to look at it?

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  1. I always admire my outstanding grants as soon as they are up on Commons.


  2. drugmonkey Says:

    What about all your shitty ones PP?


  3. GMP Says:

    I don’t read them in their entirety for weeks, sometimes a month or two, after submission…


  4. Dude, *all* my grants are outstanding!


  5. DrugMonkey Says:

    So I take it any little misunderstandings with study sections are due to incompetent review and factual errors?


  6. Neuro-conservative Says:

    1 month. Never less.


  7. Fred Says:

    Read once after hitting submit, then not until I have comments from the reviewers.


  8. Namnezia Says:

    Not until comments come back, or I need to reformat it for other purposes.


  9. You got it, holmes!


  10. antipodean Says:

    Comments and I can barely stand it even then


  11. pinus Says:

    wait until reviews. always movin!


  12. Pinko Punko Says:

    Ugh. Not until the decision. If sooner, not for at least two months.


  13. Odyssey Says:

    Only when I get comments back and it’s not funded.

    Which means never. 🙂



  14. Carl J Says:

    CPP has outstanding grants? Outstanding warrants, maybe…


  15. bacillus Says:

    I submitted something last week that had been worked on by at least five people over the course of the previous month. I reviewed in in Commons and only then discovered that two different figures were labeled as Figure X. I withdrew it, corrected it, resubmitted it, then castigated all of the co-investigators for not spotting such a glaring faux pas in the first place. Idiots!


  16. If you are the contact PI, then you are the idiot for submitting something with a mistake like that.


  17. Dr. O Says:

    After I get back the comments, or need to take it apart for another grant/manuscript.


  18. bacillus Says:

    I was being ironic PP.


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