Eleven percent TeaBagger

May 26, 2011

A study in Perspectives in Psychological Science by Norton and Sommers is getting a lot of attention. It shows that eleven percent of White people in their sample think that there is maximum anti-White bias in US culture in the 2000’s compared with just 2% of Whites who gave a maximum rating to anti-Black bias. The mean rating of White subjects for anti-White bias in the present day is actually higher than their mean rating for anti-Black bias.

I really don’t have much more to say than this to those poor deluded teabagging souls…

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  1. I keep wanting to comment on this story, and just don’t know what to say. I blame the element of the culture that says it’s your right to ignore reality if you don’t like it.


  2. Isabel Says:

    A lot of attention from…?

    Anyway I didn’t see anything in the study about “teabaggers”.

    In fact, it wasn’t clear who the researchers talked to.

    Did you look at the supplemental material before blogging about this imprecise and questionable report?


  3. Why didn’t they ask if the JEWS were even more put upon than the WHITES!?


  4. DrugMonkey Says:

    Yes, Isabel, we aready know you are in the 11%. geez. One would think you would be happy to have a scientific study showing so many co-travelers

    And, yes, I did read the Supplementary, why?

    Tseo, one can either rant with the stats or one can turn to comedy…you know which way I go….


  5. Funky Fresh Says:

    It really pisses me off when beaners try to pass as white just to not get their asses deported.


  6. Isabel Says:

    Please stop spreading lies. I don’t think that overall things are worse for whites of course. But maybe the open hostility allowed toward the white race and no other, and that shows evidence (previously discussed extensively right here) of increasing in use, that might create a perception? The question may be confusing in that regard, when it asks about ‘bias in the culture’ .

    And again, where did you get “teabagger”? If you actually read the article they found no patterns – not even education.


  7. Isabel Says:

    within each decade and across time, White respondents were
    more likely to see decreases in bias against Blacks as related
    to increases in bias against Whites—consistent with a zerosum
    view of racism among Whites—whereas Blacks were less
    likely to see the two as linked.”

    wtf??? Oh wait, they just made that all up! We need further research:

    “Of course, our results are correlational
    in nature, and as such, they do not necessarily reveal
    that Whites believe that decreases in anti-Black bias cause
    increases in anti-White bias; future research should explore the
    causal nature of the robust link we observe.”

    The authors provide no evidence for their “zero-sum game” assertion, or the title of the study. Sounds like the authors may have had their own bias.


  8. Isabel Says:

    Well, no answer? I was really curious to hear why you summarized the results of a study whose own authors claim showed no demographic trends by implying the opposite (one would think things like income, education level, geography, political party and even age would all show *some* signal if “teabaggers” are responsible for these results). I’m no expert on these types of studies, but it seems surprising that a significant, dramatic result like this could be attributed to “teabaggers” when the researchers themselves say they looked for demographic patterns and found none (though they aren’t very specific, annoyingly-did you find something ore damning to the “teabaggers” in your reading of the supplemental docs, and if so why don’t they mention it and instead say they found no pattern??). Shame on you for using this study in a deceitful way, just to bash a group that you don’t like and really want to paint as especially racist.


  9. Isabel Says:

    Another interesting point about this study is that it documented a real change- it isn’t just based on people’s starting point (i.e. their own race).

    By the way, once again the video clearly reveals his class privilege, which goes unacknowledged. He doesn’t speak for me.



  10. albert Says:

    Interesting !


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