Bike to Work Week PSA: The quick release is not complicated technology folks

May 16, 2011

I had to stop some commuter last week and fix her front quick release for her. Nothing that scares the crap out of me more than seeing someone with the lever in the wrong position, poised for a nice little whoopsie. I’ve seen the aftermath of what happens when a front wheel drops off and it is not. at. all. pretty.

This should make the essential point:

If that still wasn’t clear, read this.

This is Bike-to-Work Week (and if you can only make one, Friday is Bike-to-Work Day) in the US. Let’s do it, folks!

No Responses Yet to “Bike to Work Week PSA: The quick release is not complicated technology folks”

  1. brooksphd Says:

    How was the release set on the person’s bike? I sometimes see folks with theirs sticking out, waiting to be snagged on something…which reminds, I really need to finish my cable job and get the wheels back on my bike…


  2. BikeMonkey Says:

    The most common is in the full open position because people use it that way to screw the skewer down as tight as they can get it. Problem is, that is tight enough to think it is fine, people ride around and then….it loosens up. yikes.


  3. brooksphd Says:

    damn, I’ve buckled a wheel rim on a bad cross country/mountain ride once and that was bad enough…but at least I could pull the bike to almost a halt before I fell off, but losing a front wheel at speed – broken neckville next stop.


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