The sociological implications of (damn you) autocorrect

May 10, 2011

First off, if you are not visiting damnyouautocorrect, you are missing out on some cheep laffs. That stuff is hilarious.

Second, a recent experience.

In typing “nigger”, my damn autocorrect gave me three, not one, three separate “corrections”.

OTOH, it corrected my mistyping of “redneck” right out of the gate.

I’m pretty sure that means something.

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  1. Alex Says:

    You’re just begging Isabel to show up, aren’t you?


  2. becca Says:

    Clearly, autocorrect was programmed by rich Jewish* computer scientist d00ds* who are trying to tell you what words you can think. You should totes stick it to them by feeding your smartphone to a pitbull.

    *but I repeat myself


  3. J Says:

    Autocorrect just doesn’t always use standard spelling


  4. one of them Says:

    “rich Jewish* computer scientist d00ds*”

    Stereotype much? Still, better watch out because those Jews are banding together to get into your mind via the autocorrect. Seriously.


  5. gay you all suck this is not asfunny as i wanted it to be…even if i was higher than ive ever been and just took a hit of the strongest meth in the world i wouldnt laugh at this i hope you all choke on a dick and die


  6. becca Says:

    Sorry, forgot the sarcasm tag. Isn’t there an ‘unintentional Poe’s law’ about this?


  7. Dr. O Says:

    Seriously, how has Isabel not showed up here yet…


  8. Isabel Says:

    Because I have real issues to deal with. Funny how mentioning the incredible success of the Jews in America, and their overwhelming influence in particular culture-influencing fields is vile and offensive, but laughing at poor rural white people is fucking hilarious.


  9. Loonabel, go get ’em!


  10. Funky Fresh Says:

    I fear that Isahell has become too predictable for my taste.


  11. Isabel Says:

    Check out the thread. The bigotry on display over there is unbelievable. Here is a portion of a comment I just left.

    “Sigh. West Virginians really are the last people it’s totally ok to denigrate.

    Posted by: Fred | May 15, 2011 4:05 AM”

    Sorry. No more. MLK spent a lot of time there and changed his mind about the black/white dynamic being the main concern and began preaching about socioeconomic class but unfortunately for our nation was assassinated shortly after this expansion of his consciousness. But perhaps 40 years later we could consider picking up where he left off? Maybe he was too optimistic.

    “If they don’t like people laughing at “poor, pig ignorant, goat-fucking inbred rural folks” maybe they could, you know grow up and get an education or something.”

    Very progressive liberal statement there Raven. I’m sure poor people all over the world could use that advice.

    At least one person had the grace to admit I am right, or at least that I have made some valid points. Thank you Reverend.

    Now, if we can wrap our heads around this idea, where does it lead us? Right now the growing white underclass of the US serves as a handy scapegoat. Not only is their suffering “funny”; as we have seen several times right here on this thread they are blamed, because of “voting patterns”, for all the ills of the world. In a sort of twisted circular reasoning, this excuses the ill treatment.

    Yes, less than 50 million poor, undereducated, poorly nourished, depressed, ignored except for constant ridicule, angry potential voters in one country are controlling the fate of the entire world containing nearly 7 billion people and 1000’s of billionaires who ACTUALLY run the world. Sorry this is not rational deduction; it is called SCAPEGOATING.

    Besides being cruel, scapegoating allows us to evade real insight into our problems and actual solutions. Even worse, it aggravates the problem, by angering the scapegoated population. It is anything but rational or liberal; it is not forward-thinking in any way.

    That is why the only “arguments” against my point of view are wisecracks. There are no liberal arguments for scapegoating a particular group of poor people of a particular race.

    Posted by: Isabel | May 15, 2011 2:18 PM


  12. Loonabel, you’re supposed to fight them over there, so we don’t have to fight them here! Get with the program!


  13. Isabel Says:

    I think *you* are the one who has to get with the program. And as you know, my name is Isabel.


  14. brooksphd Says:



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