According to this top-40 list at The Scientist anyway. The list is laden with Institutes and Centers and big L Laboratories. You have to get down to number 10 to find a University and they are overall pretty thin on the list.
Interestingly the NIH (i.e., intramural NIH laboratories) comes in above such NIH extramural research powerhouses as Johns Hopkins, Mass General, UNC, Michigan…
They give plus and minus columns. I find it interesting to see how “Career Development Opportunities”, aka, pedigree? (Hi Zen!) dominates the plus side and how frequently pay and benefits comes up on the minus side.
It is also kind of interesting to see which criteria “Family and Personal Life” never co-occur with.

First off, if you are not visiting damnyouautocorrect, you are missing out on some cheep laffs. That stuff is hilarious.

Second, a recent experience.

In typing “nigger”, my damn autocorrect gave me three, not one, three separate “corrections”.

OTOH, it corrected my mistyping of “redneck” right out of the gate.

I’m pretty sure that means something.