On checking the papers of the American President of America

April 29, 2011

in the event, unlikely as it is, that you have not seen this, you need to.

A follow up Q&A with Baratunde

And Trump inserts himself and says he’s proud of the role he played, and says, “We have to verify this birth certificate. I have to take a look at this.” Historically, it’s quite dastardly, but not uncommon. For most of our history, any white person could grab any black person off the street and demand they dance. Or produce documents. Or kill that person, who wasn’t considered a person.
And Trump says he wants to just walk into the White House and touch this document? That he has the right to do so? You don’t have the right to do shit! You don’t have the right to roll up to the White House and say, “Show me your papers,” like it’s apartheid South Africa! In that, I could hear the voice of random white people in history, demanding money for my vote — wanting to know what’s my business in this part of town.

franscrollow Baratunde here.
h/t: Mike Dunford was on this early.

5 Responses to “On checking the papers of the American President of America”

  1. Rob Jase Says:

    Now is that any way to speak to the potential fuerher of the Repubs?


  2. That dude knows how to give a good speech! I wonder what the fucke all that multicolored verbiage is on his whiteboards.


  3. Peanut Says:

    @PhysioProf – dude is on staff at the Onion. He apparently ducked into a conference room there to record. So, to answer your question: Onion stuff. Content ideas? Fake headlines? Lists of stories or people to mock?


  4. I hadn’t seen this before….glad you posted it, DM. Obviously, I think he nailed it….since it is relevant, I’ll repost a comment I’d left at another forum a couple of months ago…
    —“As for the birther thing, this is what the republican party encourages….not one prominent republican (an ex-president, for instance?) has come out publicly and prominently and said, “Folks, st…op questioning Obama’s citizenship…it is unseemly and undignified….discuss the issues, but don’t question the very identity of the President…it is insulting to the man and to the State that provided his birth certificate…and by extension, to the USA.” But they won’t…they encourage this nonsensical talk at every turn…some openly, some with the “nudge nudge wink wink” approach. They are appealing to then rabid, racist, fundamentalists who apparently make up a large part of the republican base.
    And I think there is a huge component of racism in it, by the way…anywhere in the world, all thru history, only second class citizens have to show their papers…only those deemed lesser have had to repeatedly validate their very existence at the demand of the ‘authorities’. This ‘birther’ thing is a not-so-subtle reminder to Obama and to all people of color that their very identity can be questioned even in the face of documentation….I see it as a veiled message that says, “You’re still less than a valid person to us…we don’t care what documents you have or which court may protect you, we can deny your validity and equality and there’s nothing you can really do about it.” Freaking disgusting, but ladies and gentlemen, this is your republican party today….
    And oh by the way, many of these very same clowns were trying fervently to get an amendment going that could make Arnold Schwarzenegger eligible to run for president, remember? Didn’t bother them that he wasn’t born here….of course, that was long before the savior of Kahleefohneeyaaa sent its economy swirling down the crapper….I know, I know, it isn’t his fault….just the global economy….except if there were a D by his name instead of an R…then it would be all his fault…”—


  5. Mac Says:

    This was powerfully said and thank you for posting this. Demanding proof of Obama’s birth in the US and then continuing to question it’s authenticity is disgusting and Trump should be called to account.
    I also think we need to look away – not to ignore the problems of racism but the Trump’s of this world feed on attention and like a little bratty kid they don’t care if it’s negative attention or positive attention. We have to starve the beast of celebrity silliness. Trump is a racist idiot and his actions have brought shame to all Americans but I honestly think that part of the response has to be simply turning away – stop watching reality TV, stop buying celebrity endorse crap, buy magazines that discuss issues not who biffed who – we have to grow up as a nation and stop watching (and paying for) the freak show that supports Trump and his ilk.


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