Things you learn.

April 27, 2011

The Internets are so awesomely entertaining that you cannot even wonder why there exists a PhD program in poultry science

A strong indicator of the fact that African Americans as a group continue to avoid most of the natural sciences appears in the statistics for specific disciplines. In 2004, 2,100 doctorates were awarded by universities in the United States in the fields of mathematical statistics, botany, optics physics, human and animal pathology, zoology, astrophysics, geometry, geophysics and seismology, general mathematics, nuclear physics, astronomy, marine sciences, nuclear engineering, polymer and plastics engineering, veterinary medicine, topology, hydrology and water resources, animal nutrition, wildlife/range management, number theory, fisheries science and management, atmospheric dynamics, engineering physics, paleontology, plant physiology, general atmospheric science, mathematical operations research, endocrinology, metallurgical engineering, meteorology, ocean engineering, poultry science, stratigraphy and sedimentation, wood science, polymer physics, acoustics, mineralogy and petrology, bacteriology, logic, ceramics science engineering, animal breeding and genetics, computing theory and practice, and mining and mineral engineering. Not one of these 2,100 doctoral degrees went to an African American.

or more specifically in chicken “products technology

The UGA Poultry Science Department offers specialized training in physiology, genetics, nutrition, products technology, parasitology, toxicology, microbiology and molecular biology leading to the M.S. or Ph.D. degrees in Poultry Science.

without starting some sort of a fight.

19 Responses to “Things you learn.”

  1. CoR Says:

    Can you say boobs on scienceblogs tho?


  2. Well! You’re treading dangerously close to mocking my turf. I spent a day last week hanging out at the Turkey Federation meeting, discussing some of those exact things with researchers in the field. (My angle is pathogens & public health concerns rather than composition of McNuggets, but still). Fucking urbanites.


  3. Lyle Says:

    That is actually one field where there is research funding. Dealing with how to more efficiently grow poultry. If you want to look at it than most of the Phds in the ag sciences are about the same, animal husbandry, equine sciences (not vet science). Or you may want to cite weed science at the Univ of Illinois, or indeed a PhD in turf grass management (good at golf courses).


  4. antipodean Says:

    Why on earth would that be surprising?


  5. I’m surprised no-one has cried fowl – er, foul – and made charges of racism yet.


  6. Didn’t you see the Modern Marvels episode on Eggland’s Best? It featured some poultry scientists. They plied chickens with supplements so that they’d lay eggs rich in omega-3.


  7. Isis the Scientist Says:

    I spent a day last week hanging out at the Turkey Federation meeting…

    HA HA HA HA HA!!! I’m sorry, but I just can’t make it past this.


  8. CoR Says:

    HA HA HA HA HA!!! I’m sorry, but I just can’t make it past this.
    Dudes, seriously? Are you all *that* divorced from knowing where your food comes from, how it’s produced and the problems of the agricultural system? Tell me it isn’t so that a savvy group of biomed researchers would not be interested in these topics. Cause, you know, it certainly seems like the opposite is not true–those who take seriously the concept of food production, you know, for the masses and all, read about drug addiction and physiology and do not have a response full of sneer.


  9. Coturnix Says:

    Well, it is in poultry science departments that people figured out how to make transgenic birds, which is a thousand times more difficult than making a transgenic mammal or any other vertebrate. Some heavy-duty molecular biology and biotech there….


  10. cashmoney Says:

    people figured out how to make transgenic birds
    So we should be just a skip and a jump away from Compsagnathus, right?


  11. Isis the Scientist Says:

    Dude, they’re called the Turkey Federation. That’s funny.


  12. Dave Says:

    I actually used a poultry science article the other day for my thesis proposal. I need to figure out how strong to make a chemical we are treating my animals with, and the poultry folks had the nearest comparison.


  13. Pinko Punko Says:

    You deserve to be hammered, Mr. Not Quite Know It All- what do you think happens at Ag schools? The Texas Pork Producers Hall of Fame looks down at you.


  14. becca Says:

    Carebear gave me permission to share what he views as the obvious joke:
    “Wait, you mean 21 people a year are getting PhDs in chicken and none of them are black????”


  15. SesliALeyram Says:

    Eğer * gıda tarım sisteminin sorunları ve bu üretilir nasıl nereden geldiğini bilen boşanmış tüm * misiniz? o Biomed araştırmacı bir anlayışlı grup bu konularda ilgi olmaz ki değil bana söyle. Çünkü, biliyorsunuz, kesinlikle tam tersi doğru değil gibi görünüyor – kim ve uyuşturucu bağımlılığı ve fizyolojisi hakkında okumak kitleler ve tüm için, bilirsiniz, ciddi gıda üretim kavramı almak o bir yanıt alay dolu yok


  16. There’s a whole journal called Poultry Science so I don’t know why this is surprising. (There’s also one called Potato Research. I gained this knowledge while searching for a hard-copy of a PNAS article in the library as an undergrad).


  17. DrStink Says:

    Long time lurker, first time poster.
    As TT faculty at a major Ag school who has credentials from multiple Ivies, I should weigh in that poultry science is a totally legit discipline within BioAg research.
    That said, I’ve also never understood why it deserves to be an entirely separate dept from animal or dairy science at some institutions. That part seems like empire building to me…especially since the production animal folks already hold their meetings jointly:


  18. A Says:

    Considering that the price of chicken in my supermarket is typically one half that of beef or pork, it seems the poultry scientists have been spectacularly successful.–
    The list of Ph.D. programs seems to be slanted to small or specialized programs, and omits more general fields of study.
    The point of the quoted article though was that while “Doctoral Degree Awards to African Americans Reach Another All-Time High,” these (7.1% of all doctorates in 2004) are still much less than expected by share of population (~13%), and severely deficient in the natural sciences (~1% or less).


  19. Rosemarycxy878 Says:

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