Happy 420 Dudes!

April 20, 2011

A little reading for marijuana fans from the blog’s Cannabis Archive
Yes, it does cause dependence, including symptoms of Withdrawal
A take on the conditional probability of cannabis dependence…wait, as many US folks are dependent on cannabis as have ever so much as tried…?
Oh, and that K2/Spice, synthetic marijuana stuff containing JWH-018 and other cannabimimetic full agonist drugs? Yeah that causes dependence too.

A peculiar phenomenon in some chronic marijuana users: Hyperemesis
The Pot Potency data
Parents want to know, “Did the pot make my kid lazy?

15 Responses to “Happy 420 Dudes!”

  1. rpenner Says:

    Also — Taco Bell is out from under the cloud of the “you have no beef” lawsuit.


  2. Eric Lund Says:

    Speaking of K2/Spice: According to my local paper, the main psychoactive ingredients have been classified as Schedule I controlled substances. This is a recent change (within the last month).


  3. DrugMonkey Says:

    Five of them have been scheduled, EL, yes. Remains to be seen if the listing of three JWH- compounds puts teeth in analog prosecutions for other ones in the series that were not specifically banned as yet.


  4. Bootleggers Says:

    Dear Baptists,
    We love you just the way you are!
    Hugs and kisses,


  5. Anony for this Says:

    I understand that cannabis research has some health relevance and it’s not all benign. But come on! Donuts are not healthy and some people feel withdrawal. Carrot addiction has been documented too (pubmed it). Just who really thinkg nicotine and cannabis are in the same league? I have never even seen anyone go through cannabis withdrawal. I am sure it can happen but there is no question what is harder among people I know who have smoked both. It’s kinda ridiculous to conflate cannabis with most other drugs. So much more evidence that alcohol is a huge problem, from addiction, to health effects, to social costs… Yet it’s not only legal but even the science blogopshere is full of gin banter and m’fuken Jamesonne – but cannabis gets a bad rep. Between a habitual drinker and habitual stoner, I personally would be more concerned about the habitual drinker.
    OK cannabis pays your bills but this is a blog not your grant application. Alternatively, perhaps you really believe it.
    Happy 420 everyone.


  6. Isabel Says:

    “It’s kinda ridiculous to conflate cannabis with most other drugs.”
    It’s worse than that: Cannabis is being inexplicably held to a higher standard than most other drugs. A *much* higher standard. Than *anything* else, not just other drugs. Why?
    That is why this “debate” gets exactly nowhere.
    Funny how Drugmonkey never writes posts on the subject of keeping nicotine legal, when it’s obviously such a dangerous, addictive drug. Or alcohol, which is not only addictive and damaging to the users’ health, but causes many violent or risky behaviors that harm countless innocent individuals. He seems pretty content with the status quo there.
    I don’t mind him writing about his interests. It’s the wisecracks about the “legaleez it folks” (eg the constant refrain “See? Pot isn’t magical!”) that stick in my craw.


  7. Alex Says:

    DM, you have always framed drugs entirely as a public health issue, and have always declined to take into account the racial and class injustices inherent in drug enforcement. As a white professional, it is your privilege to ignore the injustices inherent in drug enforcement. Perhaps you should examine that privilege.


  8. Alex Says:

    I should also add the violent crime that is inherent in prohibition. There aren’t a whole lot of drive-by shootings over drug turf in the burbs.


  9. joemac53 Says:

    Imagine my surprise, as well as showing my age: I thought 420 referred to a small sailboat that is used by high schools and yacht clubs for racing. (two person crew)
    Please do not explain where the number comes from. Ignorance is bliss.


  10. Michael T. Says:

    There are histrionics, and there is David Nutt:
    Of course, Nutt was fired from his advisory role in the UK for trying too hard to bring sanity to the discussion. Sigh.


  11. Michael T. Says:

    Sorry if that link was unhelpful for people without full access to the lancet. Figure 3 of this related pdf was what I thought relevant here.


  12. I should also add the violent crime that is inherent in prohibition. There aren’t a whole lot of drive-by shootings over drug turf in the burbs.


  13. Mommy will be mad, beware 🙂


  14. Rosemarycxy878 Says:

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