A gastronometric poll

March 19, 2011

No Responses Yet to “A gastronometric poll”

  1. Cuttlefish Says:

    Pastrami. It’s the bacon of beef.


  2. CoR Says:

    You should include a second, or perhaps just modified poll to include geographic origin. I highly suspect the results of your poll might exhibit a north/south divide.


  3. Dr Becca Says:

    I think CoR is most definitely on to something, here.


  4. Neuro-conservative Says:

    Also should be divided between Jews and Gentiles. Gentiles’ votes do not count.


  5. Neuro-conservative Says:

    Also, the correct answer is tongue.


  6. Dude, you rich elitist jews and your cured cow meats should go fucke yourselves.


  7. Namnezia Says:

    Pastrami, by far. Not even fucking close.


  8. Pinko Punko Says:

    Corned beef is like pastrami that hasn’t yet been raptured. In fact it is damned.

    Navel cut, thin and fatty is what I like best, but if it is done right, handcut thick and tender is amazing.

    Lean, grocery store top round pastrami is anathema. The pastrami should have a notable coriander flavor with a smooth slight smokiness, and not just a lazy black pepper rub.

    However, I denounce the rye and deli mustard orthodoxy (I love it), but we accept all kinds in our household. Grilled challah with lettuce, tomato, mayo. Soft deli bun with yellow mustard East Coast sub shop style. Crusty buttered french baguette. Does not matter.

    Apparently Montreal smoked meat should be the third option on this poll- have never had, but supposedly a legendary deli beef.


  9. BikeMonkey Says:

    Where’s the carne asada??!!??!!!!


  10. GMP Says:

    I voted for pastrami, but hey, no reason to go on hating corned beef.
    No other deli meat loves sauerkraut so dearly. (I love all pickled vegetables, fond memories of family in continental Europe…)


  11. Juniper Shoemaker Says:

    They’re both disgusting. (No. Really. I’m not just saying that.)


  12. BikeMonkey Says:

    Perhaps corned beef and kimchee, GMP? Hmmm….intriguing.


  13. BikeMonkey Says:

    How so?


  14. Pinko Punko Says:

    Kimchi is awesome on a kosher hot dog with japanese mayo.


  15. Dr Becca Says:

    I don’t care if When Harry Met Sally made it a tourist destination, Katz’s pastrami is unparalleled.


  16. Pastrami is the best by far. Corned beef for is for Saint Patrick’s day only!


  17. CoR Says:

    Pastrami is a New York thing. Corned beef is for the rest of us.


  18. D. C. Sessions Says:

    Thank you. I was having profound “WTF?” moments here.


  19. There is no option that says: neither of these can be considered ‘food’.


  20. D. C. Sessions Says:

    I might not rate them down with fruitcake, but they’re both a waste of good brisket. When I see corned beef, all I think of is how that could have been luscious barbecue instead.


  21. BikeMonkey Says:

    “New York”. Oooooh. Gotcha.


  22. BukeMonkey Says:

    At last. Some Real Americans.


  23. D. C. Sessions Says:

    Hardly. I might not be an Imaginary American, but I insist that I am at the very least a Complex American.


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