J Unf Gr Prop

March 10, 2011

Brilliant! I’m all over this.

let me also suggest that NIH provide a special designation for the top 20% applications that do not get funded: M20 (for meritorious, 20%), M10 (for meritorious, 10%), etc. that the investigator gets to use in his/her vitae.

And I’ll go one better.

The Journal of Unfunded Grant Proposals.

They’ve already been peer reviewed! At least for NIH grants, they even come with a score. If you really wanted to be pedantic we could require the author to submit the summary statement.

Think of it! All that hard work turning into something productive. And the *priority* of your ideas is preserved. If anyone gets funded later, you get to claim it was all your idea in the first place!

Unleash your enthusiasm!