Cable guy saves baby from pitbull

March 4, 2011

I’m thinking I should start a Feel Good Friday series.
Isn’t this great? The cable guy? Freaky movie dude. Annoying because the 8-12 window means he shows up at 2pm?

A pit bull belonging to the babysitter’s son attacked the babysitter as she held the infant just as [Cableguy] Dargan arrived for a routine call. Dargan jumped on the dog and held it down while Skyler called 911.
Police soon arrived and fatally shot the dog.
Jordan was hospitalized for serious bite wounds, but his mother told the Daily Freeman of Kingston that her son is expected to make a full recovery.

Isn’t that great? I mean, that kid coulda been killed. Bravo, Cableguy, bravo.

23 Responses to “Cable guy saves baby from pitbull”

  1. becca Says:

    I find your post on this a disgusting attempt to drum up artificial controversy. I mean seriously DM?? It’s not like you couldn’t have known I’d be offended by the way you blatantly mislead people about what happened.
    Obviously, the hero here is the 9 year old. It is pure ageism that blinds you to that. I expect better from you, DM.


  2. I came here thinking this is a science blog and I see this?


  3. DrugMonkey Says:

    Sure becca but everybody loves a 9 year old. It is the Cable Guy that needs some reputation repair. Try to Feel Good Friday, my friend. It’s easy. Cable Guy. Dead Pitbull. Saved Baby. Feel the love.


  4. DrugMonkey Says:

    I came here thinking this is a science blog and I see this?
    Dead Pitbull, saved baby. Cable guy. Feel the Joy, Placebo, feel the Joy.


  5. becca Says:

    Correct headline:
    Idiot cable guy leaps upon dangerous beast, 9 year old saves idiot cable guy


  6. G.A. Smith Says:

    Nice story. Thanks for posting. Pit bulls have been in the news recently in my neck of the woods also (


  7. Alex Says:

    You’re just begging for a smackdown from ERV.


  8. DrugMonkey Says:

    Try to stay on task people… cable guy, feel the love….


  9. Renee Says:

    Probably thought the baby was a rabbit. I’d make the same mistake.


  10. Stephanie Z Says:

    We love our cable guy! We’ve seen him a lot. He’s the one who comes back around and fixes the “fixes” the regular cable guys have put in place.


  11. DrugMonkey Says:

    Ahh but does he take down a wolf pack, unarmed, like it was nothin’ Stephanie Z?


  12. Those fucken pit bulls are bred to be killers. It is unconscionable to keep them around children.


  13. informania Says:

    badly raised? just shoot ’em..
    Couldn’t we just shoot the owner (before victimising again another innocent animal) and rehabilitate the poor dog?


  14. DrugMonkey Says:

    I’m sure it is a complete and utter coincidence that yet again it is a pitbull putting a child and/or adult in mortal peril PP. And in any case the fact that there may be several distinct lineages described under the catchall term pitbull means we shouldn’t be concerned about such utter coincidences.
    Try to focus PP. Heroic cable guy saves baby. Feel the Joy.


  15. Fred Says:

    Just stopped in to this blog for the first time. I read a lot of other blogs on the site, so I was poking around. So, we should be celebrating the death this pit bull. Not just because it was a dangerous dog, but because it was a pit bull. Have I got that correct?


  16. DrugMonkey Says:

    How much clearer can I be Fred?
    Cable. Guy. Risks. Self. Saves. Baby. From. Pitbull. Attack.
    Cable Guy


  17. Anonymous Says:

    more ignorant media-frenzied propaganda pit-bull hysteria. Please educate yourself on the topic before making ridiculous posts like this that show your ignorance and only serve to feed the media frenzy.


  18. Anonymous Says:

    Doesn’t anyone find it disturbing that the police SHOT the dog?? can you say “excessive force”?? Come on, was there no other way to intervene, it’s not like you’re going up against a grizzly bear or a lion, sheesh. But apparently no one blinks an eye that the police shot and killed the dog. Or is it just because the dog is a pit bull that no one blinks an eye?
    Police seem to be shooting dogs a lot nowadays. Does no one think something is very wrong?


  19. Cleveland Says:

    No, Anonymous, I don’t. Why is a police officer obliged to be at any risk when dealing with an aggressive dog that poses threat to the life of a human? I don’t care if it was a Yorkie, either, so stop with the breed-ism whining.
    What is both disturbing and wrong is that you think that it is okay for a civil human society to encourage and tolerate “pets” that pose a significant threat to the health, life and personal integrity of a person. This is not theoretical or strain-based bias, this is the situation in which there is an ongoing or recently disrupted attack. There is no legitimate interest or purpose that trumps the right of other humans not to be attacked by “pets”. This is in sharp contrast to both cars and guns (favorite examples of people like you) for which there is an actual *purpose* for which there is an argument in support of having.


  20. becca Says:

    @Cleveland- I know, right? I mean, guns are a great excuse to get outside and get some exercise, a great way to reduce stress, a great thing to give to depressed people that might help them feel better, a great way to teach pre-schoolers responsibility, and most importantly a great way to lower your blood pressure and risk of disease. Yep, I’m so glad I have all these purposeful guns instead of some completely useless waste of oxygen vicious ambulating animal flesh!!!


  21. anonymous Says:

    Examine your homo sapiens privilege before you celebrate the death of a dog that was probably abused.


  22. Gus Snarp Says:

    I’ll say it outright. Cable guy is a hero. Dog’s death was the right outcome. Pitbulls are bred specifically for aggression and the ability to kill. That makes them inherently dangerous. If you want to own one, adopt one that needs a home and have it neutered, but no one should breed these things, ever. Also, if you own one it should not be around small children, it should be well trained and closely supervised at all times. Now everyone can flame me and leave DrugMonkey, who wasn’t celebrating the dog’s death, just the child’s being saved, alone, but I’ll ignore you. And anonymous @21 – damn straight I have a homo sapiens privilege, my species comes before dogs every time.


  23. Freemage Says:

    My homo sapiens privilege tells me that the other members of my species who were responsible for that dog’s existence and unfettered ability to attack should be in jail, or at least fined. A pet is an extension of yourself, like all property. You are solely responsible for its actions.
    Yes, it’s a shame the dog was killed–it’s even more of a shame that the dog was put in a position where it was able to force the cop to shoot it.


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